2015 Resolutions Review

Friday, September 18, 2015

I was looking at my resolutions page and decided to do a review. It's been 9 months so it's time to take a look at how i'm doing with my resolutions.

2014 resolutions brought forward:

1. Take care of my health, especially during holidays

I just had my longest holiday ever and i did fall sick once but overall, i feel that my health condition has improved.

- Have proper meals at proper time
- Go to bed and wake up at proper time

I've failed drastically with these two resolutions. That's not good considering it's a 2014 resolution. Occasionally i do have meals at proper time and i do have my night's sleep at proper time but on most days, i don't do these at proper time.

- Drink more water, at least 1 cup a day at home

This has been going on really smoothly. I do track the numbers of cups i drink at day and on most days it's more than one.

2. Have some self discipline

I'm discipline with some aspects but not discipline with some, especially my meal and sleep timing. So i would say i'm partially discipline and need to have more improvement.

3. Organize my life with a schedule and follow it

This has been going on but not well done. There were periods of few weeks that i didn't plan and there were a few times that i planned but didn't follow the schedule. I'm not expecting myself to plan everyday. It's fine to have one or two days break but few weeks of not planning is too long. So linking to the discipline resolution, this is something that i need to be more discipline.

2015 resolutions:

Related to 2014 resolutions:
1. Be able to wake up early
2. Be more independent and self discipline
3. Stick to my daily schedule on the planner

These are related to the above and has been explained.

4. Improve my personal well being

This is relating to my first resolution of 2014. I've been drinking more water and improving my health. However, i haven't been getting a proper night's rest and having meals at the proper time. So i feel that i did improve my overall personal well being but i can have more improvement.

5. Hit the gym more often

This is a failure. I'm just too lazy to exercise. I have thoughts of going to the gym but i always procrastinate until i ended up not going. My gym membership is expiring soon and i won't be renewing it so i hope in the remaining months i can go more often. Since i won't be going to the gym after my membership expires, i'm considering changing this resolution to exercise more often.

6. Learn cooking

I haven't learn much cooking but from totally not knowing how to cook, i can now cook a simple noodle soup for myself. My mom have been teaching me how to cook other soup and rice. Although i have not tried them yet, at least i have the knowledge. So overall i know a little about cooking now and will continue to learn more.

7. Have an exciting life with lots of wonderful happenings
All i can say about this is my life isn't exciting. In fact, i feel that i'm starting to become a homebody. In the recent months, i haven't been going out much. I always have no idea where to go. Nowadays, i only go out if i want to have my meals outside or if there's something i need to buy.

8. Build up my confidence level

Honestly, i'm quite a scaredy-cat. I want to build up my confidence and be more daring but it's hard. The first step is to overcome my fears but i haven't been able to step out of my comfort zone. There are certain things i definitely need to take the step forward out of my fears, so i will keep trying.

9. Have a positive mindset

I'm glad that i do have a positive mindset most of time. Although sometimes i do think negatively but the thoughts goes off quickly. Thanks to reading quotes i'm able to maintain positivity.

Beauty and fashion:
10. Spice up my wardrobe

The clothes in my wardrobe are still majority the same. It's spice up a little with a few clothes that i currently love so that's not bad. I can't be buying clothes all the time but i definitely want to get new clothes and throw out those that i don't like anymore.

11. Improve my makeup skills

I haven't been applying much makeup. Last year, I was into eyeliner and eyeshadow but this year it's just the basic. My everyday makeup is foundation, powder and lipstick. The amount of times I did eye makeup this year can actually be counted with fingers! Shows how less I've done it. So since I didn't do it, how can there be any improvement.

12. Not be lazy in my daily beauty routine

It took me a huge struggle to get started on doing my beauty routine daily. I'm simply so lazy! I actually tried means and ways to get started and make it a habit. My working solution to keep the routine going is to have a tracker in my schedule planner.

2015-09-18 04.12.27 1

I designed the tracker and stick it on every page which means everyday as I use one page of the book for one day. There are days that I don't plan my schedule and for such days, I won't have a tracker. However, no tracker doesn't mean no need to do. Sometimes if I don't plan, I tend to be lazy and not do the beauty routine but I try as much as possible to do it. So far it's been going on well and I hope that I will keep it up.

13. Get a new camera for better quality photos and videos

I don't have any new camera. I feel that there's no need to invest in a camera anymore as I have changed my niche for my videos. I am mainly focused on gaming videos now and have been uploading a ton which doesn't need a camera. I still do vlogs occasionally and do beauty and fashion videos on my second channel but I found an unused camera at home which has better quality. Although it's still not up to standard but that camera is working well for me. At least I have an improved quality although the camera is not new.

One of my latest gaming video. I've been playing The Sims 4 and 100 Baby challenge is my favourite. I've been watching 100 Baby challenge videos and just started playing it myself.

14. Have at least 1000 followers on this account

This refers to my quotes twitter where I first posted these resolutions. Although there's still 3 more months, I shall declare this as unattainable now. I only have around 200 followers now and I've been neglecting the account. I haven't been posting much quotes recently. As I've written for the resolution before this, I'm focused on being a gaming youtuber so I've not been thinking much about quotes.

15. Be regular in updating my blog

Again because of my focused on being a gaming youtuber, I haven't been actively blogging but I do try to blog once in awhile. Blogging is the first thing I do on the internet and it's a platform for me to pen down my thoughts when I get the urge to write.

16. Gain inspiration and come up with new quotes

I've explained about this in a resolution above on having 1000 followers on my quotes twitter. I don't only have a twitter account for quotes, I also have a tumblr account which has also been neglected cause as I've mentioned, I've not been thinking much about quotes due to another focus.

17. See my idols, Jeanette Aw and Elvin Ng, in person

I haven't met these two idols in person. They do have meet and greets but I didn't go cause I always think that it will be so crowded and i don't want to join the crowd. Well, they are idols so every meet and greets will definitely be crowded. If I really want to see them, I just need to step out of my comfort zone and go into the crowd.

18. Have a staycation

I never thought this resolution will be fulfilled but yes, the staycation has happened, twice. Well, they were only one night each at Sentosa with my mom but they still count since i did stay at local hotel. Finally, i got an insight of how a local hotel is like.

This is a vlog i did on one of the staycation.

19. Regoranize my room

I used to not like my room. I tried means and ways to revamp my room but it's always not up to satisfaction. I'm always feeling that my room is messy. I remembered posting a tweet a few months back on not being satisfied with my room. Now i love my room so much! Last month, i did some shifting of furniture, changed my bed and had a storage cupboard built in. With the new storage, i reorganized all my things and now i feel that it's so much neater. A few weeks back, i started cleaning my room more often. Shows how much i adore my room.

20. Appreciate life more and spend more time with my family

An unfortunate happened at the beginning of this year. I don't wish to write this but i loss my dad. He was seriously ill and had to leave me and mom. This triggers me to really appreciate life more by staying healthy. Sad story aside, there's another thing that actually made me appreciate life more and that is a television drama that i watched at the beginning of this year. The story is about a girl who cultivates a habit of eating healthily and taking good care of her health. She also often reminds the people around her to eat healthy and take care of their health. This actually got me started to really take care of my health which might have contributed to me not falling sick as often as before and also fulfilling my first resolution.

As for spending more time with my family, i only have my mom to spend time with now but i tried to spend lots of time with my dad during his last days. I've also been spending time with my relatives. Well, they are also counted as family members. So that is all good.

Overall, this is how i've fair with my resolutions so far. I've fulfilled a few, working hard on a few, doing well with a few and need to work hard on some. I'll do another review at the end of this year with the final results and we'll see how much i've improved.

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