My Period Problems

Sunday, August 02, 2015

This is something really personal and i don't know if it's just me but i encounter many problems during my period. So i don't get how other girls can go on with their days normally during their periods. Because i just can't.

On the first three days i have the tendency to stay home unless i have school then i will have to force myself out of the house. Sometimes my mom would question me the reason for staying at home and my answer would be i'm having my period. Besides feeling the need to stay home, i feel restless and stress during my period. Seems like i have extreme menstrual syndrome. I remembered clearly during my most recent period, i was so stressed up until i was losing lots of hair. I already have a hair fall problem and when i'm stressed, i lose more hair than i'm already losing.

2015-07-21 12.42.27 1

This is taken from a video that i did recently on life at home and things to do at home.

Out of the many things i did in the video, this is the only thing i would do during my period which is lazing, lazing and more lazing. I wake up very late to start with unless i have school then it's a forced. But i would get out of bed as late as 3pm. Even though i wake up at 3pm, i will still take an evening nap.

My appetite is very poor during my period. Well, other than lazing I don't feel like doing anything else and that includes eating. I procrastinate in everything including my daily needs. Headache is another issue. I have no idea if my headaches is due to the period itself or the amount of sleep as headache is a symptom of both. When cramps kick in, the feeling is so bad. Sometimes it gets so painful until it's over my tolerance limit.

The cleaning and changing is a stressful thing for me. I dread it so much. Even after so many years, i still can't treat it as a mundane thing. This is a reason why i wake up so late during my periods, because i dread going to the washroom to clean up. The itchness is another problem. Sometimes the itchness stays for so long until i can't tolerate.

I still have decades to go so i need to stop dreading periods. I'm guessing the main reason i'm feeling all this during my periods is because i dread it so much. Sometimes i do take medicine to stop the cramps and headache but even without all this pain, i still feel restless and moody. I think unless i can treat periods as a mundane monthly activity then i will feel better. But for now, i'm trying hard to at least wake up earlier and not laze so much during my periods.

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