From Maplestory To The Sims

Saturday, June 27, 2015

I've been playing Maplestory for a decade and am finally showing no interest in the game. Yes, there's a reason for using the word 'finally'. Those people who started playing the game together with me have quitted a few years ago. The buddies that i got to know in the game when i first started have stopped playing. Even the buddies that i got to know after a few years of playing have also stopped playing. I'm most likely the only one who has stayed on till today.

Since everyone has left so i've been alone this past year. I didn't bother to find new friends cause my interest level has dropped and i don't play often. I only play when there's a double experience event and play two characters together. Most of the time i'm only at one of these two places.

This is the evolving system which was my favourite place to train.

The other place is doing a party quest called Kenta in Danger.

However, i had no interest at all even though there was a double experience event in the recent month. Throughout the whole event, i only played a couple times. The evolving system had a revamp and now it is no longer my favourite place.

2015-06-27 09.43.18 1

As seen from the video, players could stand at the spot where the machine is, wait for it to be activated and a whole lot of monsters will surround you. But after the change, players have to follow the machine which will fly around. I don't like this change so i have zero interest in the game now.

Think i've come to a point that is time for me to finally say goodbye to the game. Based on my discovery, i believe there are not many adults playing Maplestory now as compared to a couple years ago. The age group playing the game now are mostly kids. This might also be the reason i don't have new buddies after all of them left.

With a drastic drop of interest in Maplestory comes a deep interest in The Sims. I started playing The Sims Freeplay three years ago and have been playing till today. But my interest for The Sims only started this year. For months, i've been wanting to buy The Sims 4 but kept hesitating. Two months ago, i remembered having The Sims Deluxe Edition CD-ROM that has been around for more than a decade. It is the first version of Sims games and i played it when i was a kid. I'm not sure how long i played it for as a kid but after that it got forgotten and the CD-ROM stayed in my drawer for many years until i took it out two months ago.

I made a series of videos on my gameplay and this is one of the few videos i've done so far.

This month, i finally bought The Sims 4 CD-ROM as a birthday present for myself. Well, i finally felt the urge and have a reason for the purchase. During the first week after buying it, everyday i was feeling the urge to play it.

I am also making a series of videos on my gameplay and this is the latest video. Even though i haven't played the game for a week but on some days i do have the feel to play.

I think it is really time to move on. In fact in life we are always encouraged to keep moving forward and not stay put at one point. Maybe this also applies to gaming. We can't continuously play the same game, there has to be a change and the change means moving forward.

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