What's Wrong With Crying?

Friday, March 20, 2015

I just don't understand why some people cannot accept people crying. When they see someone cry, they give comments like "why cry over the slightest thing" or "it's only a small thing, why is there a need to cry".

But seriously, what's wrong with crying over the slightest thing?

Crying is a form of expression. People normally cry when they are sad or hurt but there are cases when people cry because they are happy. Also, everyone is different. Some people are more prone to crying while some are not. Even the smallest problem can sometimes make people feel hurt and those who are more prone to crying will end up crying.

I'm actually quite prone to crying. I can cry over the any problem even if the level of hurt is very minimum and sometimes people around me just feel that it's pointless to cry. However, crying can be therapeutic. Depending on the level of sadness, sometimes i stop crying after a few minutes but sometimes after a day, i still feel like crying and after all the crying, i actually do feel so much better.

Recently, i posted this quote which i thought of on my quotes twitter.

"If crying will make you feel better, then cry. If shouting will make you feel better, then shout."

As stated, everyone is different so everyone have different ways of letting our their sadness, frustrations or hurts. Some like me, cry it out but others shout it out. Or maybe there are other various methods other people would adopt.

I normally cry at home. When i'm out with a group and felt like crying because of some words being said or in a hurtful situation, i usually can hold back my tears. When i get home, i will definitely cry since the sadness or hurt is still in me. But there were moments when i could not hold back and tears just burst out in public. Well, i agree that it is embarrassing crying in public but there's nothing wrong. Life is full of ups and downs. The ups can range from small to big and the level of happiness can vary. But so can the downs, the level of pain can also vary. So when the pain is at a high level, we might not be able to hold back so easily and crying is one method to reduce the level of painfulness.

Some people always comment "big girls don't cry" or "boys should not cry". I believe that big girls or boys also can cry. There is really nothing wrong with crying. Just like shouting, punching, sleeping or drinking alcohol, crying is just one of the methods to reduce sadness, hurt or pain. Big girls have feelings too and will also face sad or hurtful moments, so do boys. Hence, i don't see why big girls and boys should not cry.

Anyways, all these are just my personal opinion. As stated twice above, everyone is different and everyone can have different opinions. Some people maybe just feel that crying isn't the way to vent out negative feelings. For me, i'm prone to crying as stated and i fully accept it as the method to clear my agony.

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