The Thing About Schedule Planner

Friday, March 13, 2015

Previously, i did a post on my new schedule planner for 2015 and the changes i made. It's been three months and i'm thinking that this new planner and new way of scheduling seems to be working. As i've stated in that post, planning my schedule on a daily basis actually makes me more discipline in following my schedule and it also reminds me that i have a schedule to follow.

It is somewhat tedious, as stated before as well, but it is working in keeping my life organized. I do want to fulfil my resolution but it is not the main thing cause the purpose of the resolution is to keep my life organized. Although on some days i do feel lazy to plan and i actually plan my schedule for the day on that morning itself, the schedule has actually become a part of my life.

Last year when i was planning my schedule on a once in a few months basis, i only followed the schedule for a couple weeks then it is totally out of my life already. Now, the schedule is actually part of my daily routine. It really shows that i need to see the schedule everyday as a constant reminder and planning the schedule on a daily basis is a way for me to look at it everyday. If i don't plan my schedule everyday, on some days i might not even open up the planner and soon it gets abandon.

After three months of sticking to a schedule, i've realised that procrastination have reduced. I also believed that bored doesn't mean that there is nothing to do. It simply means we don't want or are lazy to do something. As i've already have my day fully planned beforehand, there will unlikely be moments that i have to think hard what i'm going to do at this time or later.

Three weeks ago during the Chinese New Year holiday, i gave myself a break from following schedules. Since i would be busy with visitations and the timing is very uncertain, i did not plan schedules for a few days. Despite being busy, i still have some periods of hours when i was very free and during those free times, i had no idea what to do. On a couple occasions, i ended up just sitting on the sofa and falling asleep.

The schedule planner has actually become my reliance. Without it, i would feel that life has no meaning and procrastination will take place. I admit that i'm quite a lazy bum and procrastinate alot. Schedule planner is that powerful tool that kept the laziness away from me.

I'm constantly adding new things to the planner like a hydrated section to track the cups of water i drink per day. Drinking more water is one of my resolution for this year that's brought forward from last year. Last year, i did a list on my schedule planner to track the cups of water i drink by writing down the number of cups at the end of the day. Since i wasn't planning my schedule on a daily basis at that time, i kept forgetting to write down the number of cups of water i drank. A few days later when i suddenly remember to record, i have forgotten how many cups of water i drank the past few days.

Now i have a new way of tracking the number of cups i drink. Instead of remembering how many cups i drink and writing down a number at the end of the day, i paste a paper with cups of water on it and tick the cups.

I stick the paper with the cups of water beside the schedule and tick how many cups i drink. For example, on 11 Mar i drank 3 cups of water. When i'm at home, i will usually tick the cups after i drink and when i'm out, i will do the ticking when i'm back home since i don't bring my planner out. Sometimes i will forget to tick the cups of water i drank for the day but with the benefit of planning my schedule on a daily basis, it would definitely be recorded by the next day when i still can remember how many cups of water i drank as compared to a few days later, i would have forgotten.

All in all, the schedule planner can be called my baby, gold or treasure. It's a very important book not only to help me fulfill my resolutions but also enables me to improve my overall well-being and it's the book for me to be creative.

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