The Waking Up Struggle

Friday, February 06, 2015

I struggle to wake up almost every morning. Its not because i go to bed late. I usually go to bed between 11.30pm to 1am and no matter what time i go to bed, i will have problems getting out of bed the next morning. There was one night i went to bed at 10.30pm cause i was so tired but still struggled waking up on time the next morning. So my going to bed time is not the resultant for the problem. This doesn't only apply to weekday mornings when i have to be up by 7.45am for school. Even on weekends when i can sleep in and wake up later, i also have problems getting out of bed.

Since i have to be up by 7.45am, i set my alarm at 7.40am but always get out of bed only at 8am or sometimes slightly later. I ended up having to rush to school everyday like i'm running a marathon. I also had to skip breakfast cause i definitely had no time for it. That being said, it actually contradicts with my final resolutions review for 2014 on a paragraph under "have proper meals at proper time".

The paragraph states:

"Since now i'm back to school, i got to have my breakfast at home. So far i've not missed a day. I'm also having breakfast on weekends. I didn't managed to have breakfast on weekends during internship but now i'm having it."

That was in end of November and December last year. But now things have change, not for the better. I've actually missed a few days of breakfast due to waking up late. This is not a good thing not only because its one of my resolutions but its also for good health sake. Actually during December, i did struggle to wake up as well. Its just that my Mum was able to drive me to school on most of the days in that month so i could have breakfast and leave house later.

I decided that a change in plan was needed and made the change two weeks ago. Months ago when i was having internship, i had to be up by 7am and i could wake up on time with only a few days of hiccups. So i thought maybe its the timing, after a certain time i will struggle.

However, 7am was a little early so i tried 7.15am. After two days, i noticed a trend. I always have to snooze for at least 15mins. But i didn't struggled as much waking up at 7.30am compared to 8am. Also, waking up 7.30am gave me exactly enough time to have breakfast, get ready and get to school by walking at normal speed.

Last week, i changed things a little for a couple days and went to set my alarm at 7.25am. I had to snooze and with a 15mins snooze, i have to wake up at 7.40am but i struggled. So the conclusion is i need a 15mins snooze and i will have problems waking up after 7.30am.

This might be the reason i struggle waking up on weekends although i can sleep in. But i don't feel the point in waking up at 7.30am on a no school day. Based on research, many websites give advices on not to sleep in on weekends as it will spoil the body clock. But for me, i feel that weekends should be the time to sleep a little longer and replenish sleep.

On the bright side, I'm actually trying to wake up early everyday even on weekend and that's one of my resolutions for this year. So one day i may try to get up at 7.30am on weekends. Sometimes when i don't feel like waking up for school, i tell myself that i have a resolution to fulfill and straight away i get out of bed. I have not actually tried to make myself wake up early on weekends but i think that using the resolution as motivation would be a good method to try making myself wake up early.

Now my next struggle is trying to write more. So i guess its a sign that i should end here. More rambling in the next post!

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