Cruises Onboard Superstar Gemini

Monday, January 26, 2015

As stated in my last post relating to cruise which was way back in April last year, Superstar Virgo relocated after being based in Singapore for a few years. After that ship left, another ship under the same cruise line came to be based in Singapore. Since we have been cruising all these while, of course we went on cruises onboard the other ship.

I was quite excited for my first cruise on Superstar Gemini. There are two reasons, one was i've never been on this ship before and two was Gemini is my horoscope. I have no clue why i was so excited just because Gemini is my horoscope but when i first heard about this ship coming to be based in Singapore, the horoscope thing totally came into my mind.

To date, i've been on 6 cruises onboard Superstar Gemini.

 photo P1050091_zps74947fc6.jpg
At the reception area

This was on my very first trip in April last year. Since it was my first time on this ship, there was lots of exploring and familiarizing with the different areas of the ship.

 photo P1050088_zps559a917e.jpg
With mum at the reception area

 photo P1050123_zps78e9bd83.jpg
Stardust Lounge is where daily night performances are held. Its the same trip but second day thus different outfit.

 photo P1050120_zps656942d0.jpg
The stage in Stardust Lounge

 photo P1050111_zps8846c74c.jpg
At the highest desk of the ship

This is all for the first trip. Moving on to the second trip which was also in April.

 photo 20140417_141838_zpsaa81c0ee.jpg
View of Malacca from the ship

 photo 20140417_222659_zps46d07d3e.jpg
Having drinks at Maxims Lounge

Just realize that i didn't have any photos of myself when i was looking through my gallery. Anyways, moving on to my third trip which was the best trip ever cause it was my birthday celebration. A Gemini girl on a Gemini ship, how cool does that sounds!

 photo 20140614_205050_zps6b1b868f.jpg
Cutting my cake. This was the day before my birthday.

 photo 20140615_000049_zps31f4cc5b.jpg
Drinks with my parents at midnight when it was really my birthday.

The fourth trip was a week after my birthday trip.

 photo 20140626_173453_zps971fd92a.jpg
At Malacca again

 photo 20140626_183010_1_zpscf4b5e4a.jpg
Having coffee with mum

Again there was no pictures of myself. But for the next trip in August, i videoed the entire trip.

Lastly, my sixth trip was in November after my internship. Its also my final cruise in 2014.

 photo 20141112_214915_zpsaf872aa7.jpg
Sitting like a boss in the cabin

 photo 20141113_163635_zps3e960e3b.jpg
Yes, its Malacca again for the third time.

Overall, i enjoyed all the 6 cruises but the first trip was definitely enjoyable cause it was a whole new cruising experience. The second trip could be good too as i may have wanted to see what else was there around the ship that i didn't manage to see on my first trip. The trip that i vlogged about was quite enjoyable as vlogging gives me the motivation to actually take a stroll around the ship to video it. Also, this trip was to Tioman which is the only trip that was to a different place. As stated above, 3 was to Malacca and the remaining 2 was to no where. Finally, the best trip of all would definitely be the trip which i celebrated my birthday.

Haven't went on any cruise this year but well, its only January. There are no plans yet but i hope to go on a different ship, preferably a ship by another cruise line.

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