2015 Resolutions

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Happy New Year! As the year begins, its time to set resolutions for this year. As per my final review for my 2014 resolutions, i didn't pass with only a score of 3/7. So i will be bringing those resolutions forward to this year.

These are the resolutions:

1. Take care of my health, especially during holidays

- Have proper meals at proper time
- Go to bed and wake up at proper time
- Drink more water, at least 1 cup a day at home

2. Have some self discipline

3. Organize my life with a schedule and follow it

I know these shouldn't be done only for a year but life long. However, i feel that by putting it as resolutions, it will motivated me to do them. Once i get the hang of it and becomes a habit, then it will not be resolutions anymore.

In addition to those resolutions from 2014, i also have new resolutions for this year. On the last two days of 2014, i did a 20 things i want for 2015 hashtag on my Quotes Twitter. I saw that this hashtag was trending so i decided to do it. Originally, my thought of doing this was just to join in the fun. But after posting a few things i want for 2015, i thought these could be my resolutions for this year and so i gave serious thought to it.

A screenshot of some of the 20 things i want for 2015 on twitter

Here are all the 20 things i want for 2015 organized according to categories which was not done on twitter.

Related to 2014 resolutions:
1. Be able to wake up early
2. Be more independent and self discipline
3. Stick to my daily schedule on the planner

4. Improve my personal well being
5. Hit the gym more often
6. Learn cooking
7. Have an exciting life with lots of wonderful happenings
8. Build up my confidence level
9. Have a positive mindset

Beauty and fashion:
10. Spice up my wardrobe
11. Improve my makeup skills
12. Not be lazy in my daily beauty routine

13. Get a new camera for better quality photos and videos
14. Have at least 1000 followers on this account
15. Be regular in updating my blog
16. Gain inspiration and come up with new quotes

17. See my idols, Jeanette Aw and Elvin Ng, in person
18. Have a staycation
19. Regoranize my room
20. Appreciate life more and spend more time with my family

There are four main categories and an others category as those under others do not fall into the four categories and all the four resolutions would fall in different categories. I am not confident in achieving all of them as i feel that a few of the resolutions are not achievable. Although it is good to create achievable goals, i believe that with a few goals that might not be achievable in the list will motivated me to work towards the rest of the goals that I have confident in achieving. In fact, all the resolutions are achievable in the long run. Its just that i may not be able to fulfill it this year.

That is all for my resolutions for 2015. The resolutions tab above has been updated with the latest resolutions for me to easily keep track of the resolutions i set for myself.

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