2014 Resolutions Review

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

We have come to the end of the year and its time to review the resolutions again. I did a review in August and the results wasn't good. Now, 4 months later, lets see if i've improved.

1. Take care of my health, especially during holidays

I'm still trying hard to do this but again, i fell sick during the most recent holidays.

- Have proper meals at proper time
Although my health didn't improve and i still fall sick every holiday, i've started to have proper meals at the proper time. I used to not take breakfast and in the August review, i was still skipping breakfast. Now i'm having breakfast everyday without fail. It was internship that changed this. From September to November, i was doing internship and i managed to have breakfast everyday in the office. Lunch and dinner were also at the proper timing. No late or early lunch and dinner.

Another thing that internship changed to my lifestyle was my waking up time which links to the second point. As i had to wake up at the same time every weekday for work, i found myself waking up much earlier than the time i usually wake up during the holidays. The good thing about waking up early is i can have breakfast.

Since now i'm back to school, i got to have my breakfast at home. So far i've not missed a day. I'm also having breakfast on weekends. I didn't managed to have breakfast on weekends during internship but now i'm having it.

- Go to bed and wake up at proper time
I've covered about my waking up time above but internship also changed my going to bed time. As i was so tired from a full day in the office, i also found myself going to bed earlier than always. Its good that this continued till now as i'm also having a full day in school so i'm always feeling so tired after school. I also still have to wake up at the same time everyday since school starts at the same time daily.

- Drink more water, at least 1 cup a day at home
During internship, i've been drinking more water. Sometimes i drink a couple of cups. But now back in school, the amount of water i'm taking in seems to be lesser. So i definitely need to improve.

2. Have some self discipline

I feel that i've been discipline with having breakfast, especially now that i'm back in school. I need to wake up by a certain time to have sufficient time to have breakfast and that requires some self discipline. In the August review, i always wake up late and rush to school that's why i have no time for breakfast. So i actually need some self discpline to wake up earlier and have breakfast.

Regarding sleeping earlier and waking up early, going to bed earlier was more of me feeling very tired rather than self discipline and waking up early was a requirement cause i had to go for work or school. There was no self discipline in this case except maybe during holidays.

As for drinking more water, i definitely need to be more self discipline. I feel that this point requires a huge amount of self discipline and i need to work on it.

3. Organize my life with a schedule and follow it
During internship, i actually did a schedule but didn't exactly follow it. So i would say after doing it for the first few months after setting the resolutions, i've not been sticking to a schedule. Either i did it and did not follow or i did not do a schedule at all.

In my August review, i showed my schedule planner and how i did my schedule. However, i have plans to change it. Instead of doing it periodically and changing it only when needed, i plan to do it only a daily basis. I can't be sure if this will work out but i hope that by doing the schedule daily and seeing the planner daily, i will be more motivated to stick to the schedule. I will elaborate on the new schedule in another post after i've done it.

Overall, in a total of 7 points, 1 point for each sub resolution for resolution 1 and 2 and a point for the last resolution, i would give myself a score of 3/7. For resolution 1, i did have proper meals at proper time and go to bed and wake up at proper time but i did not really drink more water. For the self discipline resolution, except for being discipline in my meals, the others were more of a natural thing and a need rather than self discipline. As for the last resolution, it is a total obvious that i failed in doing it.

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