10 Years Of Blogging

Friday, December 05, 2014

November 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of my blog. I started blogging on 2 November 2004 and this is my first post.

It was an extremely short post. Well, i just created my blog then and was just a primary school kid so how much could i write. During the beginning years of this blog, all i wrote about was what happened and what i did in both school and my daily life. As i grew up, i don't exactly write like that anymore. Although now i'm writing about my daily life on dayre but at a higher level of course and i don't write exactly everything i do everyday. I do believe that there are some happenings that should be kept private.

Example of my primary school standard, writing every single thing i do in a blog post.

However, i don't mean my writing standard is top notch. I admit that i have poor vocabulary and sometimes a particular word i want to use doesn't come to my mind or i don't know how to spell. But i'm trying to improve and blogging would be a good platform as it gives me the chance to always check the dictionary or thesaurus for words when i'm writing.

If you scroll through my archives, you will realise that there are no posts after October 2006 till October 2008. The reason is that i kept moving blogs during that period of time, creating new blogs either on blogger or on other blogging platforms. When i finally wanted to settle down on this blog, i couldn't find the posts for 2007 when i was importing the posts from various blogs.

I might have deleted those posts before i finally settled down on this blog but i still have photos from the posts in my Picasa album so i guess this would be a good post to put up those photos to reminisce what i did in 2007.

This was in June 2007, when i was in Bintan.

There were a few of such pictures. Wow, in 2007 i've already started taking OOTD pictures!

My secondary school besties and i having fun at my house.

Maplestory! Was really wasting lots of money and time on this game last time.

I was in the Personal Development Program in secondary school and i went on a learning trip to Malacca with them.

Straight after the learning trip, i went to Sunway Lagoon with my parents.

Just realise it is 2008 that i went to Hong Kong. I've always thought it was 2007! This would be the only highlight of 2008 which has posts that are deleted. I probably didn't blog much in the three quarters of 2008 cause i don't find many photos in the album or maybe i just didn't include photos in my posts.

This roughly sums up the many pictures i have from 2007 and 2008. Among those pictures were lots of other random pictures such as my exam paper showing my marks(can't believe i would post this), my shoes and fingers showing the peace sign, more maplestory screenshots and pictures grabbed from somewhere on the internet.

These 10 years of blogging has actually brought me to no where(wondering if there are even any readers?). I guess its the passion that kept me going on till today. But i think this passion has evolved now cause i have the desire to go a step higher in blogging, maybe from zero to a little something.

Being zero for 10 years? Wow, that's a great feat. Well, i started blogging when i was only in primary school so at that time, blogging was only for fun. Now, 10 years later, as a mature adult, its time i bring this blog into something more meaningful to my life and not just for fun.

All the best to me!

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