Macau & Hong Kong Trip: Part 4

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Continuing from Part 3, this post will be about Day 5 of the trip.

 photo 320b7065-6fb5-4d94-8b70-736e3560a03b_zps97760c87.jpg
We had Dim Sum for breakfast to start the day.

 photo 20130926_115422_zps17d9f99f.jpg
Then we visited a temple in Wong Tai Sin and a shopping mall, both near the MTR station.

 photo 20130926_140603crop_zpscf165e13.jpg
Next we went to Avenue of Stars where handprints of artistes are exhibited.

 photo 20130926_143659_zps17fa8502.jpg
This is the handprint of Aaron Kwok.

 photo 20130926_151236_zps3fb40cfa.jpg
Near the Avenue of Stars was the clock tower.

The rest of the day was spent shopping at a mall and along the streets where we bought food back to our hotel for dinner. Hong Kong was more of shopping rather than sightseeing. We also had lunch at a Japanese restaurant in the mall.

 photo 20130926_163006_zps6f88fb6d.jpg
I had a few sushi dishes. Can't figure out what sushi is this though.

 photo 20130926_163910_zps9a460919.jpg
Another of my sushi dish.

 photo 20130926_165812_zps56051a5b.jpg
There was a Korea exhibition at the mall and these two bears are so cute.

That's all for this post. Will continue in the next post which will be the last post for this trip.

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