2014 Resolutions Review + Schedule Planner

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Beginning of this year, I set some resolutions for the year. Been wanting to do a review on my progress months ago but never got down to typing it. Finally I'm doing so now.

1. Take care of my health, especially during holidays

I've been trying hard to do this but I still fell sick the last two holidays so I definitely am not improving.

- Have proper meals at proper time
The first reason for no improvement is cause I'm not having proper meals at the proper time. I'm always waking up late and rushing for school. As a result, I skip breakfast. During the holidays, I always wake up at way past noon so I also skip breakfast. For the past week, I've been waking up in the late afternoon!

- Go to bed and wake up at proper time
This links from the first sub point. I go to bed late so I wake up late too.

- Drink more water, at least 1 cup a day at home
This is the only resolution that I've been sticking to the most. I've also been taking my supplements regularly recently so I feel that there's an improvement in the amount of water I drink. However, I can still do better and drink even more water!

2. Have some self discipline
This has been an on and off thing. I was discipline to do the above point one and point three below for a short period of time in the first few months. After that, I'm not doing any of these resolutions except for drinking more water. However, I feel that I'm starting to get discipline again since yesterday. So I need to let this continue in order to fulfil my other resolutions.

3. Organize my life with a schedule and follow it
I was doing this in the first few months but totally neglected it after that. Although I've started to be discipline again, I never thought of doing a schedule. I definitely need to do this which will hopefully help me to continue being discipline.

I made a variety of schedules cause I don't want to have my life stuck in a routine.

I use this notebook I got from Genting years ago as my schedule planner.

This is the first page which is for Monday. I use one page per day and this was the first schedule I made for school day in the beginning of this year.

Then comes holiday so I stick paper and post-it over the top with my new schedule.

As I've stated above, I didn't want just one schedule cause it would make life dull and very routine. So on some days, I would just have 3 post-its with wake up time, sleep time and a goal of the day.

I didn't know I made this! Well, I guess its just another simple schedule with slightly more times fixed than the 3 post-its.

I'll definitely be redoing the totally fixed schedule with every activity fixed but I guess I will also do any alternative or maybe continue with the 3 post-its and external paper schedule. Need decisions!

That's all I have to write. Will do another review at the end of year to see if I've shown better improvement.

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