Loving Cruise

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Is it funny to love going on cruise? But i just seem to love cruise so much. I guess this is the result of going on cruise too often and especially Superstar Virgo, this particular ship have been my mini getaways for more than a year.

As this ship will be relocating (well it has already moved out of Singapore and as of the date this post is published, it is already halfway through its journey to the new homeport), i thought of doing a post summing up all the cruise trips i've been to on Superstar Virgo the past year. Actually this thought came to me only when i saw the ship in the background of a scene in a drama. Throughout that scene, i was looking at the ship more than the actors and i feel like i'm more focus on the ship than the drama. This was when i realised i have such deep feelings for cruises.

The ship in the background of a scene in The Caregivers.

I will be starting from my August 2013 trips as trips before that i've already did posts about them. They can be found under the cruise category.

Beginning August

 photo 256a07ed-af21-4bbe-a32d-3d2058716f4f_zps609a477f.png
In the cabin

End August

 photo d54ce134-6fb1-4c81-9f77-6ad4100e2d90_zps665d43c9.jpg
Selfie in the cabin

 photo 20130831_220637_zps2de6526f.jpg
Celebrated Malaysia National Day

Mid September

 photo 20130913_192241_zps3cd0e21e.jpg
Dad and I at an open air area on the ship. (Don't know why i kept wearing the same top for these past few trips)

 photo a66619fd-661c-422a-b3d9-8c0f1891a41b_zpsc97fef31.jpg
First time we went out to the seafood restaurant near Port Klang for lunch.

Beginning October

 photo b4a8fc60-41b3-4039-9f01-9fe0f0fdace4_zpsd2f0338d.jpg
At the most top deck of the ship

Mid October

 photo mmexport1381506871284_zps4e3b9759.jpg
Dad's birthday falls on this trip so we treated it as a celebration for dad. The ship gave a complementary cake too.

End October

 photo IMG_20140405_1_zpsa6100eb4.png
My cruise card. I couldn't find any picture with myself in it for this trip. I didn't take any i guess. Going cruise too often also results in not taking many pictures for some trips. Yes, it was hard to find a nice picture for some of the trips.

Beginning January

 photo 20140102_162652_zps97e52562.jpg
With my favourite second night hangout place

End February

 photo 20140226_181139_zps55bb5020.jpg
In the cabin with the television as background

Mid March

 photo 2623af8f-949f-468a-98d2-12387eedc35b_zpse2ce112d.jpg
Tried to take an OOTD with this huge mirror but failed. Anyways, this made a good view of one of the lift lobbies of the ship.

End March

 photo ae52cf67-fc0a-43b8-b585-690135efc5c2_zpsb86e6a58.jpg
At the most top deck of the ship again but in the night this time

This sums up all my cruise trips on Superstar Virgo from August 2013 to my latest in end March 2014. Although this ship has gone to another country but there is another ship under the same cruise line coming to Singapore. Well its already here! I've been to a few other ships under this cruise line once or twice when i was still a kid but i've never been on this ship that just came to Singapore. Have already booked a cruise on it and i'm very excited!

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