Macau & Hong Kong Trip: Part 1

Friday, March 07, 2014

Last september, i went to Macau and Hong Kong with my cousins. This was my second time to Macau and its in the same year. My first was during my birthday on my trip to Macau and Zhuhai. It was also my second time in Hong Kong but my first was years back.

We took the before sunrise flight to Macau so when we arrived, it was still morning. As we were on a free and easy trip, we had no airport shuttle. So we took a cab to our hotel, checked in and started our exploration.

Day 1

First we went to Senado Square. Actually during our 3 days there, we went to Senado Square several times.

 photo P1050028_zpsc9ecdaac.jpg
A fountain at Senado Square.

 photo P1050033_zps2b7a7e93.jpg
Walking down Senado Square, we reach the Ruins of St Paul.

 photo P1050042_zpsfa4e72ea.jpg
Then we went to visit this museum that was behind the Ruins of St Paul.

 photo P1050047_zps73f8bccb.jpg
Next we continued walking and went to the Macau Museum.

 photo P1050051_zps9fa962dd.jpg
Some of the things that were used in the past.

 photo P1050060_zps5588b91e.jpg
Houses in the past.

 photo P1050063_zps81692064.jpg
View from the top at the open space in the museum.

The Macau museum was our last stop for the day although it was only evening cause of typhoon Usagi. It was a coincidence that on the day we flew to Macau was the day that the typhoon was predicted to hit Hong Kong. Luckily we were only going to Hong Kong a few days later but since Macau is so near to Hong Kong, we were adviced to be indoors by evening which is the time predicted that the typhoon would hit Hong Kong.

On the way back to our hotel, we bought stew milk pudding.

 photo eff29fbd-60f0-4960-b963-429b19c28d46_zpsbbb1fe6c.jpg
Having the milk pudding in the hotel room. I won't say it was yummy cause i don't find it very good but it was not bad either.

Since we were stuck in the hotel for the night, we had buffet dinner at the hotel restaurant.

 photo 20130922_192439_zps774aa7f6.jpg
Dessert counter

 photo 20130922_192541_zpscdc6f181.jpg
Bread counter

 photo 20130922_192911_zpsc930ddee.jpg
Started off with the cold food.

 photo 20130922_195039_zps63ed8aaa.jpg
Next was soup.

 photo 20130922_200036_zpse02b74eb.jpg
Followed by the hot food.

 photo 20130922_202700_zpsbb3a6ef5.jpg
Lastly dessert.

This marks the end of Day 1. It was an early night.

Day 2

The day started with buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

 photo 20130923_092112_zps92bd6632.jpg
Started off with these food.

 photo 20130923_095331_zpsfc387df9.jpg
Then went to get more food.

After breakfast, we started our journey.

 photo 20130923_114637_zpsc5d6e7a6.jpg
Saw the Macau Bridge while walking to our first destination.

Our first destination was MGM Macau and there's something very special in it.

 photo 20130923_115751_zps697945cb.jpg
It's this tall aquarium that's unique to MGM.

Continued walking and we reached the Guan Yin Statue. On the previous trip when i was there, it was raining so we couldn't get close to it for a picture. But this time I managed to get a close look at it and even went into the museum that's under it.

 photo 20130923_121307_zpsb878a9d9.jpg
With the Guan Yin Statue. The wind was very strong hence my messy hair.

After more walking, we reached the Fisherman's Wharf.

 photo 20130923_132356_zpsb1cc3a42.jpg
A long straight road in the Fisherman's Wharf.

 photo 20130923_133400_zpsdf8ee270.jpg
A small fountain and many trees.

After so much walking, we were definitely hot and thirsty. So we settle down at a cafe in the Fisherman's Wharf for a drink.

 photo 20130923_134756_zpsf4a0cf6e.jpg
My ice blended mocha.

 photo 20130923_141206_zps05fca7fe.jpg
After a short rest, we continued our journey down the wharf and came to this part which looks ancient.

By the time we finished walking down the wharf it was almost evening. At the end of the wharf is the Ferry Terminal where we took a free shuttle bus to Venetian. Yes, that was our first transport of the day. Everything else before was by foot!

With that, this part of the trip shall end here. I will continue with Day 2 starting from Venetian in the next post.

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