My 21st Birthday Party

Friday, January 24, 2014

A week after the official day of my birthday, i had my birthday party at home as stated in my post back in June titled 2 weeks break and here is the detailed post on it.

Mum ordered food delivery from Lee Wee & Brothers.

 photo P1040973_zpsf304b1db.jpg
Sotong ball

 photo P1040975_zps7321f188.jpg
Assam fish and prawn

 photo P1040977_zps0da9efe1.jpg
Chicken wings

 photo P1040979_zps04f1e480.jpg
Vermicelli. I really have to give a comment to this, its the best vermicelli i've ever eaten. The taste is just right and not oily.

Mum invited a few of her friends and they were the first group to come, even before the food arrived. Second group to come was my three best friends and finally the last group, my cousins, uncle and auntie.

 photo P1040998_zps6f12c54a.jpg
My birthday cake

 photo P1040999_zpsb6fc7560.jpg
Me and my cake. This is one of the two only pictures i look good in and both are solo. I look very weird and unglam in the rest so i added a filter to them to make me and everyone look better.

 photo c05eb327-dc70-46fe-8148-a765233f939b_zps03b6499b.jpg
With mum and dad

 photo 29cdac3d-6890-492d-863e-1f07b6402831_zps2acd829f.jpg
Best friends

 photo P1050008_zps9e180c5d.jpg
Cousins and best friends (Didn't filter this as the filter didn't make us look better)

> photo 925ae47e-f0a7-4875-8294-8fa1469f835b_zpsbc1a4bdf.jpg
All the aunties and uncles (my parents also auntie and uncle what!)

 photo P1050021_zps5b8d160d.jpg
Me and all my presents i received. I probably only look acceptable in solo pictures.

This sums up my birthday party and also my whole 21st birthday celebrations.

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