Birthday Trip To Macau & Zhuhai: Part 4

Friday, December 27, 2013

Finally here's the final part of my birthday trip to Macau and Zhuhai.

Day 4

It was a free and easy day so we can wake up later! The day was mainly spent at two casinos, City of Dreams and Venetian.

Went to City of Dreams first and had lunch there. It was Father's Day that day so we had lunch at a korean restaurant to celebrate.

 photo WP_001832_zps5970fd08.jpg
Egg pancake

 photo WP_001834_zps39ee6f0c.jpg
My egg pancake and rice

 photo WP_001839_zps35524549.jpg
Pork knuckle

 photo WP_001841_zpsc52e0020.jpg
Ginseng chicken soup

After lunch, we went for a short walk around the place before going to the casino. There aren't many shops at City of Dreams but there's a very special water screen.

 photo P1040937_zps74294472.jpg
There's a mermaid inside the water screen!

 photo P1040935_zps251ff529.jpg
The water screen makes a good background

 photo P1040943_zpsaa2dd374.jpg
There's also other decorations

 photo P1040948_zps19eecdf7.jpg

In the evening, we headed to Venetian which makes it our third time there. Our dinner was at the food street where we had first day's dinner and had a rest during the tour on the second day which also makes it our third time there.

 photo WP_001842_zps9b4a7fcd.jpg My pig liver noodle soup for dinner

 photo WP_001844_zps4446301f.jpg
Pork chop bun

After dinner we spent the rest of the night at the casino before heading back our hotel to end the day.

Day 5

The last day started with packing our luggage. After packing, checking out and putting our luggage at the concierge, we went for dim sum lunch at the hotel restaurant.

 photo WP_001845_zps75c491b8.jpg
Century egg and chicken congee

 photo WP_001846_zps185fdbd7.jpg
Carrot cake and the bowl of almost finished congee

 photo WP_001849_zps52fb27a7.jpg
Steamed dim sums

After eating, we waited at the lobby to be shuttled to the airport. Went to walk around and ate at McDonald's at the airport after checking in. Went in the departure gate and did more shopping inside till it was time for our flight home.

 photo WP_001852_zpsda773d7c.jpg

 photo 1012108_10151756440549388_758218851_n_zps33d2a5c3.jpg
The cute banner at the aiport

Finally, i've finish blogging about this trip to Macau and Zhuhai but i've more to blog about Macau cos i went there again for another trip and i went to more places! However, i still have my birthday party to blog about first, so keep checking(if there are even any readers)!

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