Penang Trip Part 2

Friday, September 06, 2013

Finally part 2 of my Penang Trip is here! Its almost a year ago i went on this trip.

Day 3 & 4

These 2 days were spend shopping at the mall nearest to our hotel called Gurney Plaza and also exploring the area around our hotel.

 photo WP_000856_zps9a1fccfa.jpg
Ate this at a dessert shop in the mall. I forget its name but i remembered there's bird nest in it and if i'm not wrong its soya beancurd. So its soya beancurd with bird nest in coconut shell.

 photo WP_000858_zps5e10d859.jpg
Had dinner at a restaurant we saw while walking along the street outside. This is one of the dishes, fried chicken or is it prawn paste chicken? I forgot. (This is the consequence of writing about something only almost a year later.)

 photo WP_000861_zps43269d56.jpg
Assam fish head or curry fish head and a vegetable dish

 photo WP_000868_zpscf16b525.jpg
I love drinking white coffee when i'm in Malaysia!

Day 5

Last breakfast in Penang was at McDonald's

 photo P1040447_zps6a526277.jpg
Relaxing at the hotel lobby while waiting for the car to pick us up to leave for the airport.

 photo P1040452_zps691feaec.jpg
Hotel lobby

 photo P1040453_zpsd0f36518.jpg
The bar at the hotel lobby

On the last day it was dad's chinese birthday as well, so when we arrived in Singapore, we went to celebrate the occasion and also have dinner at a restaurant at the airport.

 photo P1040456_zps5b118ee8.jpg
First dish was shark's fin

 photo P1040457_zpsc7be8a6d.jpg
Second dish, lobster. The empty bowl at the top right was our third dish, fried rice

 photo P1040458_zpsbb4b57d9.jpg
Last dish, lobster with buns

After the celebration dinner, it was home sweet home and this marks the end of the Penang trip.

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