Birthday Trip To Macau & Zhuhai: Part 2

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In part 2, i'll be writing on the 1 night stay in Zhuhai.

Day 2 Evening

After crossing the borders, we had a shuttle to our hotel. When i entered the hotel lobby, i wasn't really impressed but already expected it cos when we booked the tour, this hotel was the only option and we were told it was a 3 star hotel. Although the lobby didn't look good but the room was fine. Its way better than other 3 star hotels i've stayed at before.

We headed out for dinner after a short rest in the room. Not only was it raining in Macau, it was also raining in Zhuhai! So we needed to carry an umbrella.

 photo WP_001815_zps8c56edbb.jpg
Fried rice and pig ear

 photo WP_001816_zps8356e6d4.jpg
A zoom in of the fried rice and a vegetable dish

Didn't like the pig ear and vegetable dish cos its too spicy and oily. The fried rice is oily but since its not spicy so its fine. Probably, i'm just not used to the spiciness and oiliness level of the food there.

After eating, we went to walk around the streets and then head back to our hotel for an early night cos we have to be up very early the next day.

Day 3

As usual at hotels, the morning sure starts with the complementary hotel breakfast. This breakfast was the worst hotel breakfast i've ever eaten. Already my appetite is low cos its 7am and i just woke up which is the time my appetite is at its worst state but the look and taste of the food makes my appetite even lower! Even my parents also said they don't know what they are eating, LOL! No pictures of the breakfast cos i was too upset with it to even take a picture. This made my impression of the hotel drop.

Enough of ranting about the breakfast. Moving on, we went to back to our room to pack and check out of the hotel. Lucky we were only staying there for a night. I can't imagine myself staying there for more than a night.

However, while waiting for the tour guide after checking out, i had a good look at the lobby and found it not that bad as i've felt the previous day.

 photo P1040867_zpsde481334.jpg

 photo P1040869_zps74676b06.jpg
The most beautiful part of the lobby

When the tour guide arrives, our tour starts! As it was raining, so a tour with umbrella again. Actually the rain didn't stop at all throughout the night.

The first place was to see the Zhuhai Fisher Girl which is the symbol of Zhuhai.

 photo P1040878_zps89c0162f.jpg
The sign that says Zhuhai Fisher Girl

 photo P1040872_zpsc4b26cbe.jpg
That's the fisher girl statue behind us

Since this symbol of Zhuhai story is about a pair of lovers, there must be a boy which is the second place we went to. As the boy statue is up in the mountains, we had to sit the chairlift up.

 photo P1040883_zps349086b7.jpg
The sign that says fisherman Hai Peng

 photo P1040882_zps33b704eb.jpg
The fisherman statue behind us. We were wearing poncho cos we sat the chairlift under the rain.

 photo P1040885_zpsea5d17db.jpg
Behind the many locks is a wishing stone which people made a wish with a lock and lock the stone.

After all the rain braving to see the symbols of Zhuhai, it was time for a foot massage!

Visited this chinese medicine and supplement shop and were sitted in a room. First the salesperson explain to us the benefits of the foot massage and the types and benefits of medicine and supplement for sale. Then the masseurs came in for the massage.

After the relaxing massage, more relaxation was ahead of us cos it was time for lunch. Throughout the stay in Zhuhai, this was the best meal. Actually i heard its cos the tour guide told the restaurant to cook the food less spicy and oily for us to suit our Singaporean taste.

 photo WP_001817_zpsde879e09.jpg
Meat dish and soup

 photo WP_001818_zps24980db7.jpg

 photo WP_001820_zpse8e61b2d.jpg

 photo WP_001821_zps01596a5d.jpg

 photo WP_001822_zpsa61405d0.jpg
Vegetable dish

It was my birthday that day and the tour guide happen to know about it before lunch through a conversation. So he asked the restaurant to prepare a bowl of vermicelli for me.

 photo P1040887_zps5a4041a1.jpg

After lunch, it was shopping time! We went to a silk shop that sells a variety of things made from silk such a bedsheets, quilt covers and night gown. The silk shop was the last place for the Zhuhai tour. So we went send to the Zhuhai border after that to return back to Macau. Outside of the border is a shopping mall so we went there to shop before going back to Macau.

I was so relief to be back in Macau. I felt more relax and the hotel was so much better in Macau. We headed to the hotel, check in and have a short rest after crossing the border.

 photo P1040892_zps49b8aa13.jpg
Eating my birthday longevity peach that the Zhuhai tour guide bought for me.

The Zhuhai tour marks the end of our guided tour for this trip so the rest of the trip was free and easy. After the short rest, we went out for a special dinner to celebrate my birthday which i will blog about in part 3.

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