Birthday Trip To Macau & Zhuhai: Part 1

Thursday, September 12, 2013

As i've written in my 2 weeks break post, one of the few things i did during the school term break in June was to celebrate my 21st birthday and one of the few celebrations was a trip to Macau and Zhuhai with my parents. So here's part 1 of the trip.

Day 1

We took the afternoon flight to Macau and upon arrival, we had a briefing by the tour agency person before being transferred to our hotel. After checking into our hotel, we immediately went out cos it was already almost dinner time and we were hungry after the few hours flight.

We headed to Venetian, one of the most popular tourist places in Macau. Its also a hotel but more on the high-end and the casino is the biggest in Macau. There is also a mall there but the shops are mostly high class brands. As the name suggest, this hotel, casino and mall is Venice themed so the decorations shows the city of Venice and there is this sort of a river where you can ride a boat around the mall.

 photo P1040754_zpsa1afe0fb.jpg
Trying to act model

 photo P1040755_zpse09034a3.jpg
It doesn't feels like i'm in a mall with the decorative buildings of venice above the shops

 photo P1040759_zps57bb4864.jpg
Another trying to act model pose but i love this picture!

After a short enjoyment of the beauty of the mall, we went for dinner at the food street which is sort of like a food court. I remembered i ate goose rice but i was too hungry so i didn't take a picture of it. After eating, we went for more exploration around the mall before going back to our hotel and end the day.

Day 2

The day started with the complimentary breakfast at the hotel.

 photo WP_001799_zpsbe887160.jpg
The ham, egg and bread was yummy!

 photo WP_001800_zps9fc1f155.jpg
But the oatmeal was too bland and i don't like it.

 photo WP_001801_zps982dd971.jpg
Coffee was too bitter even with milk!

After breakfast, we went back to our room to pack our things and check out of the hotel. Then it was time for the Macau tour! The not so good thing is that it rained the whole day so it affected the tour a little bit but i still enjoyed the tour.

The first place was actually a museum but it was closed on that day so we could only do some sightseeing outside and snap photos.

 photo P1040770_zpsfbbaebe8.jpg
It was raining so i covered by head with my jacket.

 photo P1040773_zpsccc0fe5a.jpg
First time having to carry an umbrella to take photo.

The second place is to see the Kuan Yin statue.

 photo P1040776_zpsd5bb90e1.jpg
Not a very nice picture cos of the rain! :(

Then it was time for lunch.

 photo WP_001802_zps78b2f256.jpg

 photo WP_001805_zps5c283e0c.jpg
Main course which includes fish, pork rib and rice.

 photo WP_001806_zpsebf6e34f.jpg
Included in the meal was 3 kinds of drinks.

After lunch, we headed to the Ruins of St. Paul.

 photo P1040783_zpse3481f9a.jpg
My jacket didn't had the head cover and i was fed up with taking it off to cover my head and wearing it again so I braved the rain for this photo.

Then to the Macau Tower.

 photo P1040794_zpsf8e1f299.jpg

 photo P1040791_zps79b5f20a.jpg
Finally a place with shelter!

 photo P1040804_zps29446870.jpg
My very fail jump shot.

 photo P1040826_zpse8d081df.jpg
Macau bridge

Then we went to A-ma Temple which i didn't take any photos cos the rain turned heavy when we were there making us only can have a quick look and rush back to the bus.

The final place for the tour was Venetian. As we have been there the day before and was given only a hour to walk around, we decided to spend the hour resting at the food street with a cup of ovaltine since we had a long day of tour and the rain made it even more tiring.

 photo WP_001811_zps8a379a46.jpg

This marks the end of our Macau guided tour and we were send to the Macau Border for our 1 night stay in Zhuhai, China which i blog about in Part 2.

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