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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Few days ago, i started a new blog out of boredom on a china website. Since its a china blogsite so my posts will be in chinese. The content will be almost similar to this blog, just that i will all be translated into chinese.

Its not really a new blog actually as it been exist since 2009 just that i never use it. Since i started using it out of boredom, so it will only be updated when i'm really bored like now, the school holidays.

My first post on the blog was an extract of my previous post here with a statement about it being my first post there.

Having a chinese blog and weibo (somewhat like twitter but in chinese) can also keep me in contact with writing chinese as now i don't learn chinese in school so this can help me to not forget my chinese language.

Enough said and do visit the blog!

This is a banner i made to link my sina blog which is also on the sidebar. Click it to visit!

P/S: Do help me click on the nuffnang ads when they appear. Thanks!

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