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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Usually on saturdays, if no friends ask me out then i will be at home, never go out at all. So last saturday, i got really bored at home and started playing pretend. I pretended to be a singer, dance along to the music and actually exercise a little. Childish i know but it actually helps me past time and get my body moving instead of just sitting down on the chair, lying down on the sofa or bed.

I even recorded and uploaded it as my new vlog. My last video was like a year ago so finally here comes a new video.

Please don't laugh at me! Go ahead and laugh all you want, i don't care!

Ok, a little confession here. I've been telling people that i cannot dance but actually i was a chinese dancer at kindergarden. I stopped dancing at primary 3 because during that year, i was kick out of the cca. Actually, i quitted but i have a reason!

At kindergarden i was in some chinese dance club outside but went to join it as a school cca in primary 1. At primary 3, i was forbade to join a performance cos of my height. I was short and am still short now. So when other people were practicing for the performance, i was just at one corner sitting down doing nothing everytime i attended cca. If all i do was just do nothing and sit down, why would i want to join for?! I rather just sit at home. Since they are so particular about height and i'm too short, i rather just not continue. Hence, i quitted.

I'm not as flexible as that time already. In fact, i'm very stiff now but i still got the groove and urge to dance sometimes. Now i also don't like to perform anymore cos i feel that i've got stage fright. As a child, not scared. Grown up, scared.

Enough said about dancing. Anyways, i'm quite excited for tomorrow cos i'll be away from home for 3 days! Stay at home till gonna rot already. Finally here comes a vacation! :)

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