First Half Of Sep Outfits

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Here's a new outfit post showing what i wore in some days on the first half of this month!

6 Sep 2012

7 Sep 2012

9 Sep 2012

10 Sep 2012

11 Sep 2012

12 Sep 2012, Cruise Day 1

13 Sep 2012, Cruise Day 2

14 Sep 2012, Cruise Day 3

Whenever i will be going for a vacation or gonna be away from home for days, i will actually spent time deciding on my outfit for those days.

First i will decide on the shoes, bag and accessories i'm gonna wear for those days and then match the clothes with them before packing or i will have a colour theme so that the clothes that i bring will match at the most two pairs of shoes, one bag and one acessory each (meaning one braclet, one pair of earrings or one necklace).

For the recent cruise trip, i decided on a black-and-white colour theme so as you can see i'm all dressed in black and white for all 3 days of the trip and was wearing the same bangle throughout.

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