Happenings Since School Started

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I haven't been blogging so here's what i've been up to since school started till now in chronological order.


A new stage of education began in mid April and since then, assignments has been piling up. May was when the tests and projects started coming in making me busier. Altogether there are 8 modules, 6 core and 2 general modules. Some are easy while some difficult and i don't like it.

(From my tumblr)

This was what i wore for my first formal presentation in poly. There will definitely be many more presentations to come and its something that will always make me so tense up. Before every presentation, my heart will always be racing so fast and i rely too much on cue cards which is a factor i have to improve.


18 May was the day of the graduation ceremony and i received my certificate for completion of course on stage. Although it was only receiving a certificate, but i was nervous before going on stage. Maybe i have stage fright?!


Well, to be honest, being in ITE really changed me. In Secondary school, i was playful and didn't want to study hard which lead to my poor O level results and going to ITE. But after going to ITE, i don't know what made me awaken and studied hard which resulted in my outstanding performance and was invited to attend the other graduation ceremony on 30 May.

However, i couldn't go due to test so i only got my certificate 2 days ago which i had to personally go down to school to collect.



On 10 June, i went to vivo city and sentosa with the my lovely girls, Siyan and Phoebe! We met in the evening at vivo, bought bread and water then walked to sentosa. Since it was a sunday, so both vivo and sentosa were crowded.

We wanted to walk to the beach but ended up getting lost. We took the sentosa bus and also got lost because we didn't know where the bus was bringing us to. Ended up we had to ask the driver for directions. Nonetheless, it was fun and we took many photos!

At the beach, Siyan and I ate ice cream. We considered abit before buying cos it was expensive but end up we will bought it. By the time we reach the beach, it was night time and the sky was dark already. While we were standing at the beach and chatting, suddenly came fireworks from the songs of the seas show. I immediately took out my phone and managed to capture a good view of the fireworks.

(From my tumblr)

After that, we headed back to vivo. Wanted to take the monorail but there was a very long queue until there were guards controlling the queue and letting passengers go up to the station platform my batches. So we took the shuttle bus instead.

Back at vivo, Siyan and I bought Long John Silvers for dinner. Since it was crowded, so we ordered takeaway and went to the sky deck to eat. I find it nice to have my meal there and also enjoy the scenery. After eating, we went to shop awhile then it was home sweet home.


On 11 June, i went out with the girls i'm close with from my poly class as a form of celebration for my birthday. We met in the mid-afternoon at Boon Lay MRT then walked to Jurong SAFRA where Kbox is. In the evening, we went to Sakura International Buffet Restaurant at Clementi for dinner.

(Stolen from a friend's facebook)

Will be blogging in detail about this with more photos on a seperate post!


Just yesterday it was my birthday. My morning and afternoon was spent sleeping since the celebrations with my family are happening at night. We had a celebration dinner and then cake at home. I'm happy and had a blast last night!

Will be blogging in detail about this with photos on a seperate post!


P/S: The reasons i haven't been blogging is firstly cos of school. School has occupied alot of my time and when i have free time, i just want to rest or spent it playing my all time favourite game for many years, Maplestory. Secondly, blogger's new interface and url. I hate the new interface and the new blog url! The url now depends on the country the blog is accessed. In Singapore, it will be thepinkystar.blogspot.sg while in Canada, thepinkystar.blogspot.ca

Since the beginning of this year, i haven't been blogging regularly so now i'm putting aside all my hatred towards blogger's new interface and url to blog on a regular basis. I may also prepare some posts on schedule if i happens to be busy during a period of time.

Lastly, do keep checking back for the confirmed 2 upcoming posts and the many more to come! :D

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