Sunway Lagoon Trip

Monday, January 16, 2012

On the 2nd day of Jan, i went to Sunway Lagoon for 3N4D.

On the first day i was very tired after the long coach ride so i spent most of the time in the hotel sleeping.


I was more active on the 2nd day and did plenty of shopping. I spent the whole day shopping and on the 3rd day, about half the day was spent shopping.

The other half of the 3rd day was spent bowling and archery. Previously, there was a pool table so we would always play but now, the table is gone! And we couldn't find other places that has pool.

Me preparing to shoot!

No 4 is my results, very less bullseye! :(

I forgot to take photos when bowling so no pictures to post!

Didn't do anything on the last day. Just stayed in the hotel packing to leave, went for lunch and then board the coach back to Singapore.

Couldn't go to the lagoon cos its a water theme park and unlucky me had "that thing" during the trip. But overall, i enjoyed the trip and settled most of my CNY buys there!

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