My December Holidays & Bad Beauty Habits

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finally i'm back with little updates of how i've been! It the december vacation and i've been leading a forever alone lifestyle.

I'm a lonely person and everyday i'm by myself leading an almost routinued lifestyle. This has been going on for 2 weeks and now i'm in the third week.

Next week will be the last week of the school holidays and i'll be going overseas! This means my forever alone routined lifestyle will break and i will not be forever alone! HAPPY!!! :)

Last week, i've fallen sick! Had a bad flu and cough but i'm better now, although i'm still coughing. Even when i'm sick, my lifestyle is still a routine. Just that there's small changes and for those few days that i'm sick, i'm leading the same lifestyle. Now, i'm back to my orginal routine.

Enough about my dull life... I was seeing the below video on this website and realise that i have a very bad habit of touching my face and eyes very often and when it's not neccessary to touch at all!

When i go to bed at night, i always tend to rub my eyes. I know i shouldn't do that because it's bad for my eyes and my eye is already not in a very good state. Our hands are always going around touching this and that so it contains germs and bacteria. By touching our face and eyes, the germs and bacteria will be transfered to our face and eyes. This might be the cause of my bad eye condition, the sty i'm currently having on my left eye now and sometimes the pimples on my face.

Regarding about eyes, i've not been patching my eyes. If you have read this post, you would know that my left eye is a lazy eye and i have to do patching daily to improve it's condition. The first few months i was a very good girl, patching my eye every single day but now i'm starting to get lazy.

I also have many other bad habits and i will try to break them! 2011 is ending in a few days and its time to set new year resolution so i first resoultion for 2012 will be to break all my bad habits and my second resolution will to be to continue patching my eye very single day without fail! Its going to be hard but i will try my best!

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