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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Recently, i'm been an almost no-life mapler. I spent most of my time on the computer playing maplestory. Hence, the partial neglience of the blog.

I still have a life, thats why i said almost. I'm here to blog about the recent happenings in my real world life.

On the Hari Raya public holiday, i went out 2 lovely girlfriends. Our original plan was go go ice skating at kallang leisure park. However, it was full house. There was a long queue and everyone queued until sit down on the floor! Hence, we ditched that plan.

Our day became quite unplanned. Based on immediate suggestions, we ended up shopping at City Plaza, followed by roller blading at East Coast Park.


I learnt roller blading before once in primary school and once in secondary school so i thought i could roller blade averagely. But i was wrong!

Because i learnt before, i could stand up and balance easily but when i start moving, everything went haywire. I was moving like a tortise! I fell 4 times! I keep sliding backwards!

So i spent the whole time at the roller blading ring practicing like a beginner! :( My friends went to blade around the park for awhile before joining me at the ring.

Think roller blading is not a sport i like. I prefer bowling, badminton and swimming!

Regarding a sport i perfer, i went bowling just yesterday with my parents! We played 2 games. The first round was not up to expectation, i scored only 68. However the second round was a miracle! I got double strike and triple spares consecutively! My score was 121 and i won my mum for the first time!

2011-11-11 22.08.47

We used to played bowling often until sometime ago we stopped and i always lose to my parents! I'm always the last.

Yesterday too, i went to a muslim friend's house. It was my first time visiting a muslim's house. She invited my my lovely 3 friends and me to her house for lunch as a mini Hari Raya celebration. I very envy her! Her house is Ohmygod!


Her mum cooked nasi pandang, mutton, chicken and salad for us. All were yummy! Besides the lunch, we chit-chat and camwhored! There was lots of laughter!

Yesterday was a long but enjoyable day! School in the morning, muslim friend's house in the afternoon and outing with parents at night, which includes the bowling!

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