Outfits Of The Week

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I've been playing maple alot but still i've been going out almost everyday and taking pictures of my outfits. Just that i spent most of my time on the computer playing maple thats why i've neglected my blog.

So, here are the my outfits of the week!

25th Sep outfit

Tank Top: Cheetah (KL, Malaysia)
Tube (Inside): This Fashion (AMK Central - Sadly, shop has closed down)
Pants: Vior (KL, Malaysia)
Shoes: Style Fashion (Hougang Point)
Bag: Perllini
Braclet: Sorry, i forgot where its from

26th Sep outfit

Top: GEB (KL, Malaysia)
Pants: Sub (KL, Malaysia)
Shoes: Style Fashion (Hougang Point)
Bag: A&A Accessories (AMK Hub)

27th Sep outfit

Top: Ape Shall Never Kill Ape
Skirt: Cotton On
Shoes: Pepper
Bag: Deuter (Isetan, NEX)

The bag is also my school bag!

28th Sep outfit

Top: Disneyland (Hongkong Disneyland)
Pants: Ocean Fly
Ring: Diva
Bow Clip: Moo Moo (AMK Hub)

On this day i went for a haircut so you can see that my hair is a little different from the previous pictures.

30th Sep outfit

Dress: Forever Orange

Shoes is the same as 25th Sep, so see first picture while bag is the same as 26th Sep so see second picture.

2nd Oct outfit

Top: Nicole (KL, Malaysia)
Pants: Padini (Queensbay Mall, Penang, Malaysia)
Braclet: Scarllet (Northpoint)
Bow Clip: Moo Moo (AMK Hub)

On a not so happy note, school is starting tomorrow! This means less going out in home clothes on weekdays which also means lesser fashion pictures!

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