Friday, September 23, 2011

Last week I went to look for a job with my friend. We saw the hiring notice and went into the shop to try our luck.

We filled up the application form and the manager explained to us the work duties, attitude, salary and etc.

He asked us what size shirt we wear and both of us wear M size. He said that currently he does not have small and medium size uniform.

Then he said in mandarin so here's my best translation: "when the uniform arrives, you can start work. I will call to inform you about the timing."

I was happy but nervous. I kept my phone with me all the time, put it on sound mode so that I don't miss the call.

In the end all I got was false hope. It's been more an a week and I didn't receive any calls.

I was upset after a week of not receiving any calls and since it's been a week, confirm he will not call.

I'm not angry about not hiring me. He may have his reasons for not wanting to hire me.

There are alot of reasons for his decision. Either i've no experience which I really don't have cos I never work before or he's afraid that I cannot commit long term. Also maybe cos I went with a friend or he may have found a better candidate.

What I'm upset about is what he said. If he really wants to consider then why say that once the uniform comes, you can start work?! So what if he found a better person.

I personally think he shouldn't have said that to us. If I was the manager, I would confirm that I really want to hire the person before telling the person that he or she can start work.

I understand that the next candidate may be what a company really wants or after going through all the applications, he decides that i'm not suitable. Another possibility is he may last minute not want to hire me. But I really hate people who give me false hopes and make me happy for nothing, worse still make me nervous for nothing!

I hope not all managers are like this, giving candidates false hopes by saying i will call you to inform you when you can start work then in the end never call. Saying a sentence such as i'll consider your application and give you a call if you are selected would be so much better!

Hope when i graduate and go out to the working world, i would not get any false hopes in finding a job.

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