An Afternoon At The Beach

Monday, September 12, 2011

Exams are over! Last paper was last wednesday. Now is holidays, time for some fun and enjoyment! So...

Last friday i went to sentosa siloso beach with a group of friends. We spent the afternoon there. Luckily, the weather was perfect that afternoon, not too hot and no rain!

We walked to sentosa by the sentosa broadway and its my first time walking to sentosa!

Saw the ship while walking! I was on a vacation with the ship last July. Feel like going on cruise again!

The broadwalk

I was surprised that even walking still must pay! I thought it was free but need to pay $1. Now i'm thinking that maybe the $1 is entrance fee to sentosa. Bus cost $2, maybe its $1 entrance fee plus $1 bus ride. Then for train is $3, so its $1 entrance fee plus $2 train ride.

At the beach, my friends played volleyball but i didn't. We also sat on the seawater and relaxed, letting the wave massage us. We played monkey in the water and my friends went to swim but i didn't. I tried to swim but it was too difficult to swim in the sea and i was scared to go too far from the shore.

One more thing we did was snap photos!

My friend took this without me knowing but i feel that i look fine and not unglam.

Overall, i had a great, fun and relaxing afternoon at the beach! Its been so long since i went to a beach. Its good to go to such places to relax and breathe in some fresh air! :)

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