Less Load

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I've had a super stressful week with all the projects, tests and presentation to do. Yesterday was the day many things were completed!

Princples of marketing project is fully completed. For events i'm only left with presentation and for entrepeurship for innovation, i'm left with report. I'm not sure if there's presentation for this module but i think have.

Next week will be less stressful i hope since some are already cleared and most of the leftovers only needs some editing.

Everything would be completed most probably by next week and after that, i can start preparing for the upcoming exams which is in beginning september.

Seriously can't wait for the holidays to arrive! Out of all terms, this term is the most tough and stressful! :(

Today is a self declared rest day after a week of hardwork! Tomorrow maybe half day of rest then i shall start my engine again.

I've been wanting to change my blog header but had no time to do a new one. Finally, i got the time today! I also change the background image to something that is unique to me and adjusted the sidebar contents abit.

Blog name has also been changed to AMABEL, UNIQUELY ME! Everyone is special and unique right? Because there's only one you and only one me! No one is identical, even twins are not idential. They may be idential in looks but not in personality or character right?

So, always be yourself. Don't let anyone influence you although sometimes its good to follow the good habits of others but in some way you are still different.

Think i've gotten out of point because the main topic should be about me currently having less school work.

Just 4 more words, have a good weekend! :)

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