Busy With Schoolwork

Saturday, August 06, 2011

I post about the modules i'm taking every term, so this term shall not be exceptional.


These are the modules i'm studying this term. There are 4 modules but one has got no textbook.

Event organisation & publicity, the theory is fine and i can memorise them easily but the project work is very touch! We need to organise an event in school and it's real, not bogus! That's the hardest thing ever cos there's so many things to be done for pre-event! Need to plan out what type of event to organise and my team's event was a Chill Out Party. For our party, we need to buy the materials for decoration, food and door gifts. We also need to plan out the performances, games and schedule!

Basically, its just so much work! Being a event organiser is definitely not a job i will take up when i start working!

The post-event is much more easier and thats why i'm currently busy with. Need to do report and powerpoint slides for presentation.

Principles of Marketing, the theory is so difficult to memorise! There are also so many chim words i never heard or seen before and i need to remember them for exam and test! The project work is not as tough as event. Need to do marketing proposal and marketing plan based on a product we select as a team. The marketing proposal is already completed. Currently, i'm busy doing the marketing plan. Also need to do powerpoint slides for presentation. Almost every module have presentation.

Design Thinking, this is the module without textbook. All we do in this module is project and i was a slacker in this module. Only a small group of students from the class are taking this module and we have to go to another campus for lesson with students from that other campus. As for the rest in my class, they are taking another module.

I was quite slack because my teammates from the other campus did most of the work but i got help out by doing some research. Since it's a project based module, so of course there was presentations.

This module is already completed. We did this module for the first 3 months of the term. One term is 6 months.

So what about the last 3 months?

Another module which is Innovation for Entreprise. The theory is not difficult to memorise like marketing and there's also project work. For this module we are required to do a business plan. We are also having lesson at another campus with students from that other campus but its a different group of students.

This week has been a hectic week for me trying to complete the event report, marketing plan and business plan. I'll be busy next week too because all of these will be due next week. I predict after next week i will feel more relax from project work, not totally relax yet cos out of the 3 projects to be submitted next week, 2 of them are only drafts, which mean i still have to work on doing an actual report after the teacher has gave us feedback on our draft.

But at least, with the draft there's no need to work so hard anymore.

I really hope all these busy schoolwork can be completed soon, i can't wait to have a break from all these project work!

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