Patching Eye

Saturday, July 16, 2011

If you have read this blog post or certain tweets on twitter, you will know that my left eye is lazy eye and i need to patch my not lazy right eye to make my left lazy eye exercise.




Before the optometrist told me that my left eye was lazy eye, i tend to strain my right eye without me knowing. Since i keep straining my right eye, my left eye has slowly became useless and thus became lazy eye.

Because of the lazy eye, my optometrist specially made a patching spectacles for me. If not another way is to just stick a paper or cloth on the lenses of the normal spectacles or just use hand to cover. I think using hand to cover will not be an option for most people cos need to cover for 1 hour, by then the hand will be so pain!

Wearing my patched spectacles

As you can see the right side of the spectacles is covered with a blurry patched. This is to cover my right eye and make my left eye do the seeing, making it not lazy and useless!

What i do when patching my eye?

To make my left eye do some seeing and exercising, the best is to look at words.

Some of the things i will do are...

Play games or surf the net on my iPad

Use computer to surf net


Play maple!

A video clip of me playing maple, enjoy!

Basically, its just getting on with normal life! No need to do anything special when patching eye.

But still as per normal, need to have breaks after using computer for about 30mins, even though need to patch eye for 1 hour.

Hope that with this patching eye treatment, my left eye will slowly become active and not lazy!

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