Cruise Trip - Penang & Phuket

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Last week i went cruising to Penang and Phuket.

Upon onboard the ship, we went for a buffet lunch and then went to explore the ship.

At the almost top floor of the ship. Sentosa is just across!

View of sentosa!

The first day dinner was quite a grand one, we had Italian cuisine.

Unique plates! Not for putting food but for putting the plate of food. The table setting looks so grand and also the environment!

The bread, there were many types. The waiter even told us the names of all the different types of bread. I couldn't remember any, all were like italian words.

First dish, appetizer, foie gras. I was about to finish eating it when i remembered to take a picture. The foie gras is the small little piece which i already ate quite a huge portion.

Second dish, mushroom soup.

Third and final dish, seabrass spaghetti.

Second day, we arrived at penang.

View of penang from my cabin.

We had a shore excursion in the afternoon which we were brought to 2 shopping malls, a local products shop, chocolate boutique and a hawker centre.

Outside the local products shop.

Hawker centre.

At about sunset time, we were brought back to the ship.

The port.

The bottom of the ship.

Third day, we were at phuket.

View of phuket from my cabin. It was facing the port.

There was a shore excursion but we didn't go. We only went to shop at those tent stalls at the port.

Behind are the tent stalls selling souvenirs, clothes, bags, fruits, etc.

The top of the ship!

Since we did not go for the shore excursion, so we went swimming and relaxing at the aqua pool. Its a small pool for relaxation and only 18 and above can enter. It was my first experience! Finally i'm not underage! I also went into the casino and tried gambling! :)

I went on cruise before but last time i was underage so cannot go to the aqua pool and cannot go to the casino.

At about evening time, the ship departed phuket and we were on our way back to Singapore.

Ship moving further and further from the port.

There was a meet the captain session on the third day evening, after the ship departed. First the captain gave a speech and introduce his crew. After that, there was a close up session but i didn't bothered to go close up with them.

The captain and his crew.

On the fourth and last day, we didn't do much. We spent most of the day resting at the cabin, packing our luggage and preparing to go home.

Overall, the trip was AWESOME and FUN! Been a few years since i went on cruise and this trip was a whole new experience since i'm in legal age now. Can do more adult activities and no more children activities. HAHAHA! :)

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