Taiwan Trip - Day 5, 6 & 7

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Finally I've come to the final post of my Taiwan trip! I know I'm slow, taking about 2 months to complete the posts! :(

If you have not read the previous posts about the trip, do read it!

Day 1 & 2 | Day 3 & 4

Day 5: Tainan > Nantou

Firstly, we visited this place which is so called the center of Taiwan.



Then we went for lunch before proceeding to the formosan aboriginal cultural village where we spend the whole afternoon.


Opposite the cultural village entrance is a huge water fountain.

We walk around exploring the place and watched performances.



At around almost evening time, we set off to the place we were staying for the night. It's not a hotel but more like a chalet called flora leisure resort.


The chalets are on waters and all round are flowers and plants. It's quite an interesting and unique place to me, something I've never seen before.



We had dinner there and DIY necklaces for ourselves at some art room before ending the day. We all felt like we were in an old folks home when we were doing the necklace. Hahaha!


That's all for day 5.

Day 6: Nantou > Taipei

The morning was spend traveling to Taipei, back to where the trip started. By the time we reach Taipei, it was lunch time.

We had lunch at this very special restaurant.

Look at the surroundings and decorations of the restaurant, it's so unique!



The building is also interesting and uncommon!


After lunch, we went to Taipei 101, the world's second tallest building. We took the fast speed lift right up to the viewing gallery at 89 floor where we got to see a magnificent view of Taipei! But it cost a price to get up there.



At the very top is the viewing gallery but at the bottom few floors is a shopping mall. We also went shopping and most of the shops sell branded stuffs which are very expensive!


After that, we went to the fishman's wharf which is the filming site of a popular drama series, meteor garden.




Then, we went to the final place of the whole trip which is the tamshui old street where many stalls sell the grandma's iron eggs. I did buy a few packs home.


Headed back to our hotel and that marks the end of day 6. Also can say the end of trip because there was nothing on day 7.

On the final day, we just spend the morning in the hotel before heading to the airport for our flight home at around noon time.


In summary, I enjoyed this trip very much and had lots of fun. There were many first times too, not only first time visiting taiwan but also had many first experiences there. I would like to go back again in future and maybe explore the rest of Taiwan.

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