Nissan Car Squeeze Challenge

Thursday, June 09, 2011

This is a challenge which was on 30th April 2011.

I was reluctant to join this challenge at first but after must persuade from my classmates, I finally agreed to join. As classmates, some of us form a team and we join the Nissan car squeeze challenge!

What is it about?

There were 2 rounds to this challenge, round 1 was squeezing as many people as possible into the car, so the team with many people will surely win and the team with less people will be at a disadvantaged. Round 2 was squeezing 16 people into the car in the shortest time possible.

Based on the original rules, only the top 5 teams from the first round will get to the second round but there was 6 teams in the end.

Why? Read further and you will know.

The challenge area. The car that we squeezed into was the black car.

The winning team won the car, second prize was television and third prize was a camcorder. My team got 4th place and we got vouchers. Not bad, cos we were suppose to be out at the at the first round but the organizers gave us a chance to get into the second round!

There was also prizes for the most creatively dressed team. My team got the second creatively dressed prize and it was also vouchers.

My team's outfit was white tshirt and black or blue pants. We also painted our faces.


It was my first time taking part in such challenge. I was quite scared at first that's why I dare not join. However, after overcoming my fear and participating, I found it quite fun! It was a great first experience.

How many times in our life do we get the opportunity to join such events? Most probably only once!

I was squeezing at the boot, so it's a new experience to be sitting inside the boot.

Overall, I'm happy that I participated in this challenge and I enjoyed the whole process! :)

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