1st Time Blogging Through Phone

Thursday, May 05, 2011

I'm here to blog! Not about my Taiwan trip cos i need to use computer to blog about that and now i'm using phone.

I know that i'm taking quite long to blog about my Taiwan trip. Reason is cos nowadays i don't touch computer as often as last time.

WHY? That's my topic for this post... Which is MY EYES!

I went to see the optometrist about 2 weeks ago and the eye check result was, my left eye degree increased! My pupil in both eyes are not round, which also means my eyes are not in good condition! :(

My right eye degree remained the same at an acceptable degree but my left eye degree is already quite high and now it increased. According to the optometrist, my left eye is lazy eye. This may be the cause of the high degree.


Its very hard to cure but it can be improved. One way is by seeing the computer bright screen less often. This is why i'm not touching the computer so often these days.

I know that i can use for 30 mins than take a 30 mins break than back again but the problem with me is that i can't seem to stop using after 30 mins. I will tend to just keep using for at least an hour plus.

So the best way is... DON'T USE!

I'm sacrificing my computer time for improving my eyes condition. Hope my eyes condition will improve. Wish me luck! :)

I made a new pair of spectacle with my new degree. It's the plastic type and i love the frame! :)

What a wordy post! Too bad use phone to blog cannot post pictures.

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