The Almost Wonderful Holiday

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Want to know how have my holidays been? It almost wonderful!

Why almost and not totally wonderful? It's because i'm at home 70% of the time and outside 30% of the time.

I'm at home most of the time and it's not fun at all! Seeing the four walls, use computer and watch television, thats all i can do at home.

Since i'm at home 70% of the time, why is it almost wonderful? The wonderful thing is about to come!!!

Before i mention the thing will make up for the 70% at home time to make it a 100% wonderful holiday, i will first mention what i've done when i'm not at home.

First up, MOVIES!

I watched 3 movies this holidays. One with my group of girl friends which i've said 3 posts before, one with my parents and one with my lovely friend.

The titles of the 3 movies i watched are all in the picture.

I watched the 3 movies at 3 different cinemas. But don't ask me which cinema is the best because i can't explain. I just go in, seat down, watch movie and leave, never go think about the good and bad points of the cinema.

Secondly, FOOD!

I usually take my lunch outside and sometimes dinner too. Sometimes, i will eat alone and sometimes with my parents or friends. Actually only one time with friends, which is the time i went for the movie with my group of girl friends.


Since go watch movie, so there will surely be some shopping before and after the movie, right? Already at shopping mall, so must well spent sometime shopping. Of course there are also separate occasions when i went shopping without watching movies. Most of my shopping was window shopping cos i feel that i don't have the need to buy anything. Window shopping is a good leisure activity. Usually, i will go to the shopping mall's foodcourt for my meals, so there's also an opportunity to shop for awhile after i eat.

Now, for the thing that will make the holidays 100% wonderful!

Want to know?

Really want to know?


Enjoy looking at smiley faces? I've more for you!

Still got!

Ok, thats all! Enough of keeping you in suspense. Your hand must be pain from scrolling. No pain, no gain! HAHAHA! :)

The thing that will make the holidays 100% wonderful is...

Yes, i'll be going to Taiwan! Leaving in 2 days time... EXCITED!!! :)

Now, this is what i call WONDERFUL! :)

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