Happy Rabbit Year!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Happy Rabbit Year! I know it's already towards the end of chinese new year but it's still the new year period so it's still not too late to say Happy Chinese New Year right?

This is what i've been busy with recently...

Doing projects...


Preparing and going for presentations...

And just today, i've completed my role play! It was abit haywire. I forgot some parts of the script so i just say whatever relevant that comes to my mind. Luckily, it was well done, as what my teacher said.

Basically, i've been so busy with everything regarding school! :(

All projects and presentations will be completed my this week. But it's still not relax time yet, cos there are tests coming up and beginning of next month will be exams. Really looking forward to the holidays!

This semester is filled with projects... Since december 2010, projects keep coming in non-stop! I'm so super happy that it's gonna be over soon! :)

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