Short Little Update On My Life

Friday, December 03, 2010

This is gonna be a short one.

The past 2 weeks, i've been busy studying for CA test. All of them are over now! Next up will be role play for SVE. My role play day is next thursday. I'm still in the midst of preparing the script.

It's quite fun writing script and i enjoy it but i guess i'm not suitable for this job cos i'm always lacking of ideas! My partner and i took quite long to come out with an idea cos both of us are not the creative type, so we are lacking of ideas!

I've to be ready with the script by tomorrow so we can do edits together at the class chalet tomorrow and also start rehearsing.

I feel a little relax now that the CA tests are over. Was feeling very tense, scared and nervous for the past 2 weeks. After the role play, it's still not time to fully relax yet cos there's 3 projects on hand.

Holidays are coming soon but i guess my days to rest and relax are limited because of the projects. For 2 of the projects, the due date is end of this month or can also say end of this year. HAHAHA! :)

For 17 years, nov and dec are holidays and i'm always very free, relaxing and enjoying myself. This is the first year i'm having a packed december! Looks like there's a change in life, a 360 degrees change!

Sep and oct are exam periods back in sec and pri school but now it's the holiday period. Nov and dec used to be holiday period but now it's school days! Luckily, i can adapt to the change. :)

Alrights, thats all i've got to say.

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