End Of 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010

We have come to the end of the year once again! How has my year 2010 been? There were definitely good times and bad times...

I won't mention about the bad times cos bad or sad memories should not be kept in our hearts but should be flown away right?

For the good times...

Entered a new school which i wasn't feeling too good on the first day but after a week or two, my feeling changed. I made quite a few new friends, more than the friends i had in sec and pri school and i can say i enjoyed school, not the studying part lah! There were lots of projects too, but some of them were fun and i enjoyed doing it!

My class had 2 class chalets, one in June and one in just the beginning of this month. Our class is quite bonded. In fact, in my studying life so far, all the classes i've been too are quite bonded. But it's this current class that i'm most close with. There was also 1 class outing, although only a few people turned up but it was fun.

In october, i went Genting and Palace of the Golden Horses. Right after i was back from my vacation, i got my first semester exam results, i'm quite happy with it! :)

Just this month too, i went to a museum too for the first time. Although it's organized for my classmates project so it's counted as doing a project but i quite like this trip to the museum... Quite an eye-opening for me!

That kind of sums up my 2010. I'm ending my 2010 with a ................


Really hope to recover by midnight cos i don't wish to bring it into 2011! Flu is much better but
cough is still quite bad.

I don't wish to bring in it into 2011 not only because i want to start the year healthy and good but also just on the 2nd day of 2011, i'm leaving Singapore! I don't want to go overseas sick then end up, this cannot eat, that cannot drink... I WANT TO FULLY ENJOY MYSELF OVERSEAS!

Hope that i'll recover as soon as possible! If by tonight cannot then at the most, by tomorrow!

Lastly, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!! :)

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