Class Chalet & Museum Trip

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finally i'm blogging!

Went for the class chalet the previous week and philatelic museum last week.

I went for the class chalet 1 day, just for a visit. I did not stay there overnight. The purpose of the chalet is to celebrate one of the teacher's birthday and also a farewell party for the teacher cos she's leaving the school. It was also a great class bonding session.

There was definitely BBQ. How can chalets with many people not have BBQ... Love it max! Ate black pepper mee hoon which is cooked by a classmate's mum. It was superb! First time eating and seeing mee hoon with black pepper! The other BBQ food were satay, hotdog, chicken wing and otah. I love the satay and hotdog most! <3

Played games too, muderer. It was a great game session and a classmate also told us his life story, there was lots of laughter!


After the chalet, my girls and i went bowling. I won the game, Yays! My bowling did improve but i believe that i can do better! My best score is not even 100 yet!

The philatelic museum trip was great too! It's organize by my classmates for their project. The museum showcases stamps and mail related topics from past to present. There's also abit on the some of the cultures of different races.


Inside a stamp!

It was a good learning journey. I knew more about what i didn't know before about stamps and mailing. I didn't take much notice on the cultures part so i did not learn much on that.

Cute simpson stamps!

There was also a quiz after a short tour around the museum. My group won the quiz! We also wrote postcard to our friend and mail it. After the trip, there were refreshments provided. It was a great bonding session with classmates too!

I enjoyed both the chalet and museum trip! Great time spent! :)

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