Marina Barrage

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Yesterday night, i went to marina barrage with my parents. We went there to see people fly kite and also enjoy the night scenery. We were only there for around an hour or so. We reach there at 9 plus and left at around 10.30pm.


The scenery was great! We saw quite alot of people flying kite and all the kites got lights on them, so beautiful! We did not fly kite cos we got no kite. Our motive of going there was to see only.

I took some photos of the scenery around marina.

I name this the body of a plane on 3 joss sticks! Hahaha!!! :)

The singapore flyer! So beautiful with the lights on...

The kite flying area was on the rooftop and down on the first floor. There is this walkway. It looks so grand with those little lights around!


My dad told me that beside the walkway are pumps to pump excess water from the river to the sea. The left side is river and the right side is sea. The walkway is bulid on the waters...

Here's a video i took of the water founation on the first floor. I film it from the rooftop.

I love the lights! It's so colourful!!! :) The voices in the video is my dad and i talking. LOL!

It was a great night scenery viewing... And also breathing in the fresh air! Hope next time can go there again and maybe fly a kite myself. Haha! :)

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