Malaysia Trip - Genting

Saturday, October 09, 2010

I'm here to post about my malaysia trip. It's gonna be split into 2 posts. I'm spliting it into 2 posts because i've alot of pictures to put up and if i put them all up here together in a post. The post will be very long...

From the title, i'm going to write about genting in this post.

I took the 7am coach to genting. Watched aunty Lucy movie on the coach. Halfway through the movie, the coach stopped by at yong peng. So i paused the movie and went down for breakfast and toilet. When i went back to continue watching, i started to feel giddy. But i still continue watching since it's gonna finish soon. After the movie, i slept for 1 hour.

After i've woken up for awhile, the coach stopped again for toliet break. After the toilet break, it's all the way up to genting, no more stops. When turning up the hill road to genting, i felt giddy. But i'm all well when i got down the coach at genting.

Checked in to the hotel. Then went for lunch. After lunch, went to the arcade to play. Then went to first world plaza for shopping and eat dessert. I bought 2 t-shirts at a shop there and we also bought qing shan and zhen xiu zhen concert tickets.


After that, went back to hotel room for awhile before going for dinner. After dinner, went to arena of stars for qing shan and zhen xiu zhen concert. Although i'm not a fan of them and i do not apprieciate oldies song but i think both of them are great singers. I knew some of the songs they sang. They also love to joke! And also to accompany my parents cos they want to watch the concert.


Zhen xiu zhen

I could only take a pictures of the singers on the screen cos when i take them on stage, only can see lights forming the shape of them. Flash wasn't allowed in the concert hall thats why can't take clear pictures of them on stage.


Qing shan

Zhen xiu zhen in another dress

Another dress. She was wearing this underneath the purple one and stripped off the purple dress on stage.

Qing shan in another suit. He really changed from white suit to black suit like what he said.

Both of them on stage.

Only when both of them are together on stage, i could take clear pictures.



After the concert, went to first world plaza to walk awhile then went for supper. After supper, went back to hotel room and that's then end of the first day.

Second day, woke up at 12noon. Had lunch at ah yat bao yu restaurant. There were shark's fin, abalone, fried fish fillet and pandan leaf rice. But mum ate a different set meal from dad and i. Instead of shark's fin, she had a soup which i've forgotten what soup was that. And instead of fried fish fillet, she had yam paste meat. The rest were the same. For dessert, there were fruits and egg tarts. Mum had birdnest tart instead of egg tarts and dad an extra almond dessert.

After lunch, went to play pool. We played 3 games in total and i played 2 games, one with mum and one with dad. I won mum but lose badly to dad.

Mum aimming and getting ready to hit

After that, we went back to the hotel room. Then i stayed in the room while mum and dad went out. When they came back, we went for dinner. After dinner, went outside for a walk. I was quite cold outside but was bearable.




Then went to the acrade to play. Also redeem the tickets for goodies. Then went to first world plaza to buy things before going back to the hotel room and end the day.



Third day, woke up at 9am. Went for breakfast at macs then went back to hotel room to pack up and leave for our next destination, mines resort city. More on that in the next post!

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