Miss My Long Hair & Johor Trip

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Suddenly, i miss my long hair. My hair was this long before.

This pic was taken in July.

Now my hair is this long after i went to cut it last week.


But i believe it will grow long again very quickly because its only shorter by 2 or 3 inches and i find that i look cuter and sweeter in my current hair length. HAHA! :)

Okay, enough about my hair. Moving on to the Johor trip.

Went on a half a day johor trip with my dad, aunt, uncle and cousin yesterday. At about 2pm, we left Singapore. The first stop was lunch at Lavender. It's a bakery and bistro restaurant. It was my 2nd time eating there. The first time i ate ham and mushroom penne. Yesterday, i ate Teriyaki chicken rice. They were all YUMMY to the max!

Second stop was a medical pharmacy. My aunt and uncle bought medicines there.

Third stop is Giant. Went shopping there. Dad and i bought nothing while the family of my aunt, uncle and cousin bought somethings.

The last and final stop was dinner at Ah Koong. It's a noodles stall. We can choose the type of noodle we want and the other ingredients to go along with the noodles. It's something like yong tao foo stall here in Singapore. So i had kway tiao and the ingredients i had are fishball, abalone and some big and crispy thing i don't know call what. The food was tasty but i couldn't finish the noodles cos i was quite full.

After dinner, we ended the trip and headed back to Singapore.

I was quite full at dinner because we had lunch at 3pm which i ate rice and dinner was at 5 plus. Thats why i was quite full. But i had any enjoyable time! Thanks to this trip, i got a chance to go out. If not for this trip, i think my yesterday would be spent at home and i may feel restless cos i've been staying at home on wednesday and thursday afternoon and i did feel restless at around evening time especially on thursday.

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