Sunday, September 05, 2010

I've got flu and sore throat right now! It all started yesterday with abit nose block and sore throat but my nose block turned into serious flu last night!

I slept without turning on the aircon last night and woke up a few times. Went to bed slightly before midnight cos i was feeling so tired. I don't know why either. I was feeling restless almost the whole day and got very little motivation to study.

I did study at around noon time and it was alright. I had the motivation and can concentrate. Then i went out after studying for around 1 hour. While i'm outside, i began to feel restless and tired. My eyes seems like it's gonna close any minute. I thought i'll be more energetic when i reach home but it's not the case. I still feel so restless which i got home.

Then i tried to study again, this time i did not have the motivation and concentration. I thought that using the computer will make me better, but i still feel so restless! Dunno what is happening to me!

Went for dinner and bathe. I did feel better after bathing but i didn't last long. After awhile, i went back to the restless mode again. I wanted to sleep after 12 midnight but i couldn't stand it anymore so in the end i went to sleep before midnight.

I'm better today. Sore throat is better alot but i'm still being tortured by the flu. I've used alot of tissues. My dustbin is full of tissues and nothing else...

I hope i'll recover by tomorrow or tuesday morning at least cos i've got a presentation on tuesday afternoon. I'm scared that i present halfway then suddenly i sneeze and all the mucus flow out then i'll be so embarrassed!

The powerpoint slides and script are almost done. Now waiting for my groupmate to finish editing the powerpoint...

Now, i only hope that i'll recover from this stupid flu ASAP! I feel that i'm suffering!!! :(

I hate being sick and i can't stand it even if it's just a minor flu!!!

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