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Friday, September 03, 2010

Finally here comes my new post!

On teacher's day which is 2 days ago, i went orchard wisma atria's foodcourt for lunch with my dad and i ate Dao Xiao Mian.


The noodles are rolled into big rolls of dough and cut using knife. I personally saw the chef cutting it!


This is the noodles.

Zoom in.

I ate the pork ribs one. There's also chicken and beef.

After lunch, we went shopping for awhile and went home. Actually we wanted to shop more but i need to do the powerpoint slides for the silver industry competition which is what i mention before as the business plan.

Previously was doing the business plan and my team got chosen so we need to do powerpoint slides and present! Furthermore, there's also lots of homework these few days because exam is nearing!

Yesterday, had microsoft excel exam. Finally the office applications module is completed! No need to stress over it anymore!!! Awaiting the results now.

Most of my classmates said it was tough and they couldn't finish and a few said it was easy. For me, i managed to finish it almost on time. I think it was in between, not easy and not tough. I managed to type out everything fast and most of my time was spent on using the formulas to calculate the figures, doing pivot table and chart. I had to do quite a few times before i get the answer of the formulas.

Although i've got my hands off office applications but i still cannot relax yet! I've got homework for Business Environment and accounting. I've also got to prepare for the presentation next week.

Schedule is really very packed!

Monday and wednesday got business environment test which i must study over the weekend. There's so many things to mermorize! Also must use abit of common sense but majority is remembering.

Tuesday is the business plan presentation day!

Ohman, i'm so looking forward to the following week when all the mugging for exams and stress will be gone! Till then...

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