Holidays Is Here!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exams is offically over and holidays is here!

Yesterday was BZE. It was easy i suppose, questions i did not know how to do where 2 to 3 MCQs and a question from section B. Passing is definite but getting an A, i hope i'll be able to achieve that.

Today was POA. I'm super duper depressed that i could not get the bank reconcilation balanced! Why? Because that was the topic i revised the most! I did 3 questions on it last night and all 3 of them, i could do it pretty smoothly and got it balance in just a single attempt! But during the exam, i could not. Worst is i did not have time to find out the mistake and correct it. :(

The rest of the questions were fine. Passing is also a definite and i'm confident about it but getting an A, again i can only hope because of my bank reconcilation and i think there are a few other mistakes on the other questions.

I can only pray hard that i will Ace my exams!

Anyways, i had a haircut last friday.

I cut it short by a little. No particular reason, i just had the sudden thought of cutting it short and also because it was messy. Also, my hair was already too thin to be trimmed thin. The previous time i had a haircut, the hairdresser told me that my hair was already so thin and i still want to trim it thinner! So now, i decided to cut it shorter.

Holidays, i haven't got any plans yet. It's just the beginning so haven't plan anything yet but my parents are planning on an overseas trip. They are still in the midst of planning where to go and when to go so nothing is confirm yet. There's nothing to be excited about yet.

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