Exam! Exam! Exam!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I've change my blogskin because i feel that the old one looks sucky now.

This is a screenshot of my old blogskin and i feel it doesn't look good anymore.

What i like about this new blogskin is the graphics on the sidebar. Haha! :)

I've been coughing so badly these days! :( I did not go to school on monday and instead went to see the doctor and got an MC. On sunday, my flu and cough was just mild and minor although i felt quite restless and tired but on monday it became worse!

Now, i've recovered from my flu but still got abit of nose blocked sometimes. At least, i don't need keep sneezing and use alot of tissues to clean up the mucus. :) But my cough is still so bad and i cough very loudly! :( I don't know why i cough so loudly.

Exams is next week! Although there are only 2 subjects but i feel so stressed! Business environment is making me go crazy! My teacher told us yesterday the important parts to study but seems like almost everything in the textbook is important?! And there are 8 chapters to study! :( My teacher also told us that we cannot spot topics because 80% of the content in the textbook will be coming out in the exam. Also, for section C there are only two questions and if those 2 questions are from the topics that we did not study and could not do, then we can lose up to 20 marks! 20 marks is alot?!!!! 20 marks can make a big difference to the grade!

The feeling is like worst than sitting for O levels... Luckily, my POA is very stable so now i just need to focus and go full blast into studying for business environment. There's so many things to memorize!!! :(

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