Long Weekend

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Few days ago was a long weekend. I went to a few places during the few days to shop, relax, enjoy and have fun!

First destination was Malaysia, JB. Went there with my dad, cousin, aunt and uncle on frisay after the national day celebration in school. My uncle drove us in and we spent the whole afternoon there. We had lunch at a shopping mall there called city square. I ate chicken baked rice with cheese. It was YUMMY!

After lunch, we went to shop. I bought a pair of shoes and a bag. My aunt bought a pair of sandals. The rest of them did not buy anything.

Then we went over to some store along the streets of JB called The Store. My aunt and cousin bought some daily necessities. My dad, uncle and i just walked around. After that, we went for dinner at the restaurant somewhere along the same street.

After dinner, it was home sweet home.

On saturday evening, i went to sentosa with my dad. We took the free shuttle bus. When we reach there, we just walked around and then bought the after hours universal studio tickets. After buying the tickets, we went for dinner. We had dinner at some restaurant called Big Easy. I ate fish & chips and it was the most expensive fish & chips i've ever eaten in my life! The food at sentosa is denfinitely expensive. In fact, everything is expensive i think!

We went into the universal studio after dinner. Walked around and took photos. We completed walking around in 1 hour and we went to see the hotel lobby and casino lobby. While we were on our way, we saw a musical fountain show going on, so we stopped and watch. We only went to the hotel and casino lobby for a look after the musical fountain show.

We went back to the universal studio at 10pm to see the fireworks. It was amazing and awesome! It's my second time seeing fireworks live!

Home sweet home after the fireworks.

Here's a video which contains the pictures i took at sentosa and also videos of the muscial fountain show and fireworks.

Sunday, went to orchard road in the evening with my dad, aunt and cousin. Had dinner at Ion Orchard's foodcourt then went shopping at Ion, Wisma and Takashimaya. No one bought anything. It was quite a short outing.

Monday, went to the airport with my dad in the afternoon. Had lunch there at a restaurant called PASTA de WARAKU. I ate bacon and potato pasta. After lunch, went down to the arrival hall to wait for my mum.

Notice that in all the outings, there was no mention of my mum? Thats because my mum was overseas. She came back on monday and my dad and i went to welcome her back.

Went home after that. Wasn't in the mood to watch the national day parade. So i just watched abit. I find every year's parade is about the same, so boring!

Thats how i spent my long weekend...

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