Day With Hubby!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Went out with my dearest "hubby" yesterday. First stop was, city square mall. We went to shop first because hubby wanted to get a present for her friend. Then, i had lunch at the long john silvers there. As hubby had already eaten something heavy before she came, so she only drank bubble tea and watch me eat. After that, we walked around abit.

Our second stop was dhoby ghaut. We shopped abit too and hubby ate takoyaki there. We also took neoprints there.

Our last stop was my house! We played computer and fool around for the rest of the evening and into midnight. We were practically playing a game called office wars on facebook most of the time, like totally addicted to the game!

I had a super fun day! :)

Tomorrow, i'll be having CCA. We need to do a business plan which is giving me a big headache! It's a group work but none of us know how to do. We don't even know what is a business plan?! Furthermore, we were not interested in doing it. It's actually for a competition and the teacher just register us in before telling us! And this is making me angrier!!!!

It's like forcing us to do something we don't like and don't know within such a short period of time and the trainings they give us are like useless for me cos i still don't understand how to do. I know what to write but i don't know the format for the business plan...

It's really not an easy task!

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